Roles & responsibilities

The Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (OIRE) reports to IUPUC's vice chancellor and dean. Our staff collaborates with the associate dean for academic affairs on academic assessment and assurance of learning, including program assessment and course evaluations. In addition, we work with the special assistant to the vice chancellor for strategy on metrics related to institutional effectiveness.

  • The OIRE director serves as a liaison with academic and administrative units that also have responsibilities supporting assurance of learning, program assessment, and planning and reporting for increased institutional effectiveness. The director is responsible for assisting programs, divisions, and administrative offices with development, implementation, operation, and maintenance of their assessment systems. The director also supports accreditation-related activities and is responsible for communication of institutional data to internal and external stakeholders.
  • The information management analyst, or IMA, is responsible for the IUPUC data repository, data standards, definitions and reporting practices, as well as developing reports and analytics to support decision-making and planning. The IMA is the contact for survey reporting and for the course evaluation system. In addition, this analyst also serves as a Talisma specialist.
  • Division heads and directors are responsible for the successful operation of assessment systems within their divisions and offices to achieve increased institutional effectiveness.
  • Program assessment coordinators are responsible for developing, implementing, operating, and managing the assessment systems within their academic programs to achieve continuous improvement of student learning. Program assessment coordinators are also responsible, as a collaborative assessment team, for the annual reporting and review process for program assessment at IUPUC.