Advisor & Officers
The Alpha Lambda Delta chapter advisor and officers are:
  • Anna Carmon, PhD, chapter faculty advisor
  • Vickie Welsh-Huston, administrative advisor
  • Trevor Dylan Whipker, president
  • Cassandra Jean Pendleton, vice-president
  • Kendra Jane Wagner, secretary
  • Courtney Taylor Linville, treasurer

Alpha Lambda Delta


Founded in 1924, Alpha Lambda Delta is an honor society for students in their first year at an institution of higher education. Alpha Lambda Delta’s mission is to encourage superior academic achievement, promote intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning, and assist students in recognizing and developing meaningful goals for their unique roles in society.The IUPUC chapter was installed April 20, 2013 with 28 charter members and five honorary members.


Membership in Alpha Lambda Delta is based on a minimum cumulative 3.5 grade point average by students during their first full-time year in college. All coursework must be college-level and count toward a bachelor’s degree.

Honorary Initiates

  • Anna Carmon, PhD | Chapter faculty advisor
  • Gary Felsten, PhD | Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Sandra Miles, PhD | Director of Student Affairs
  • Joan R. Poulsen, PhD | Director, Undergraduate Program in Psychology
  • Marwan A. Wafa, PhD | Vice Chancellor and Dean
  • Vickie Welsh-Huston, MA | Chapter administrative advisor

2014 Initiates

  • Melissa Katherine Brickett
  • Michael Francis Foist III
  • Lance Freeman
  • Mikala B. Greenlee
  • Dane Steven Miles
  • Jacob Harvey Orr
  • Greicy Dalia Patino
  • Jack Ryan Quire
  • Houston Randolph
  • Sabrina Schipper
  • Abbigail Morgan Shade
  • Samantha Ann Skirvin
  • Holly Stockhover
  • Carissa Dawn Walls

2013 Initiates

  • Lacey D. Davis
  • Olivia Michelle England
  • Maggie Elizabeth Evans
  • Elizabeth Hermesch
  • Clay Robert Kellogg
  • Tyler William
  • Michael Murphy
  • Shelby Taylor Newkirk
  • Thomas J. Nolley
  • Caitlyn Denyse Ramsey
  • Kaylee Brook Roberts
  • Samantha Ruth Shell
  • Seth William Thompson

2012 Initiates

  • Chase K. Ackeret *
  • Taylor L. Ashman
  • Emily Marie Bare*
  • Marianne Louise Branham*
  • Darby K. Funke*
  • Steven Dale Cain
  • Nola Ranae Doughty
  • John Lee Farace
  • Austin Sinclair Hicks
  • Patrick J. Hummer
  • Erica Lynn Kennedy*
  • Dalton Edward Lancaster*
  • Jordan G. Lewis*
  • Courtney Taylor Linville
  • Dana Michelle Martin
  • Jordan McQueen*
  • Emily K. Pell*
  • Cassandra Jean Pendleton
  • Courtney Nicole Piirto*
  • Ryan Andrew Oliver*
  • Jodi Ritchie
  • Kelly Lynn Schwering
  • Kendra Jane Wagner
  • Jenna Waltz
  • Cassie Lee Warren
  • Trevor Dylan Whipker
  • Rebecca Williams*
  • Taylor Yarling*
* Previously initiated by Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis