Mission and Vision

The mission for IUPUC's general education framework is to provide comprehensive, competency-based student experiences that prepare well-rounded graduates who are ready to serve as global citizens and lifelong learners in a complex, interconnected, and rapidly changing world.


In designing a common general education experience for IUPUC students, we were guided by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU) principles for effective general education programs (Twelve Principles for Effective General Education Programs, 1994).

These 12 principles include a framework for curriculum design, articulation of desired competencies (learning outcomes), and a process for the continuous improvement associated with a dynamic approach to teaching and learning. AACU finds that effective general education programs:

  1. Explicitly answer the question: "What is the point of general education?"
  2. Embody the institutional mission
  3. Continuously strive for educational coherence
  4. Are self-consciously value-based and teach social responsibility
  5. Attend carefully to student experience
  6. Are consciously designed so that they will continue to evolve
  7. Require and foster academic community
  8. Have strong faculty and administrative leadership
  9. Cultivate substantial and enduring support from multiple constituencies
  10. Ensure continuing support for faculty, especially as they engage in dialogues across academic specialties
  11. Reach beyond the classroom to the broad range of student co-curricular experiences
  12. Assess and monitor progress toward an evolving vision through on-going self-reflection 

Through benchmarking with other institutions, including those in the Indiana University system, work on a general education plan for IUPUC began in the fall of 2010. The plan has been developed through the work of IUPUC's assurance of learning committee appointed by the university's vice chancellor and dean. The committee set an implementation goal for the fall of 2012.