Program Directors

To learn more about the leadership studies minor at IUPUC, please contact:

Dr. George Towers, PhD
Division Head, Liberal Arts
Professor, Geography
Office: CC Room 162A
Phone: 812.348.7371

Dr. Sandra Miles, PhD
Director of student affairs & university ombudsman
Office: LC Room 1200
Phone: 812.375.7525


Leadership Studies

If you want to delve deeper into the meaning, constructs, and practical skills of leadership, a minor in leadership studies is essential. Through this interdisciplinary, multicultural, multidimensional, and experiential minor, you will be exposed to current theory and practice designed to prepare you for future leadership roles, whether you pursue a career in nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies, community groups, the corporate world, or other workplaces.

Why Earn a Minor in Leadership Studies?

Understanding the principles of effective leadership will serve you well throughout the course of your collegiate journey and post-graduation career path. By earning a minor in leadership studies at IUPUC, you will:

  • Learn knowledge, skills, and values utilized by effective leaders
  • Discuss and explore various leadership theories and leadership in the context of social change
  • Supplement, strengthen, and enhance your academic major
  • Gain practical leadership and service-learning experiences
  • Have the leadership studies minor appear on your academic transcript

Career Options

There is no industry that exists without leaders! Large and small employers of all types in the public and private sectors seek new talent who possess the knowledge, skills, and values to lead. Pursuing a minor in leadership studies is useful and profitable no matter what career path you choose, whether in business, communications, education, engineering, health care, IT, liberal arts, science, or other fields.

This minor is also beneficial if you plan to apply to graduate school and earn a master’s or Ph.D. degree in a specialized field like business, dentistry, law, or medicine.


This minor is interdisciplinary, multicultural, and multidimensional. You must take one course from each of five major content areas exploring topics covering a wide range of leadership principles, including:

  1. Introduction to Leadership Studies
  2. Foundations of Leadership
  3. Ethical, Social, and Political Components to Leadership
  4. Diversity, Global and Community Leadership
  5. Experience in Leadership

At least two courses must be taken outside of your primary discipline and no more than six credit hours can come from the same discipline. Additionally, you must complete the five courses with a minimum GPA of 2.00; credit will not be honored for courses completed with a grade lower than a C. 

Required Introductory Course

  • DLA-L 100 Introduction to Leadership Studies 

Foundations of Leadership (one course required)

  • COMM-C 380 Organizational Communication
  • COMM-R 330 Communication Criticism – P: COMM-G 100 or COMM-R 110
  • POLS-Y 374 International Organization
  • OLS 28400 Leadership principles
  • OLS 39000 Leadership Theories & Processes
  • OLS 38800 Leadership Through Teams
  • PSY-B 460 Behavioral Management – P: consent of instructor
  • SOC-R 478 Formal Organization

Ethical, Social, and Political Components to Leadership (one course required)

  • BUS-J 404 Business and Society - P: BUS-Z 302, senior standing
  • BUS-Z 302 Managing and Behavior in Organizations - P: BUS-W 200
  • COMM-R 390 Political Communication
  • COMM-R 309 Great Speakers: American Public Address
  • OLS 26300 Ethical Decisions in Leadership
  • OLS 25200 Human Behavior in Organizations
  • PHIL-P 120 Ethics
  • POLS-Y 217 Comparative Politics
  • POLS-Y 213 Political Theory
  • SOC-R 315 Political Sociology – P: SOC-R 100 or consent of instructor
  • SOC-R 425 Gender and Work – P: SOC-R 100 or consent of instructor

Diversity, Global and Community Leadership (one course required)

  • BUS-Z 447 Leadership, Teamwork & Diversity – P: BUS-Z 302
  • COMM-C 482 Intercultural Communication – P: COMM-C 180 or consent of instructor
  • EDUC-E 201 Multicultural Education and Global Awareness
  • HIST-F 347 History of United States – Latin American Relations
  • OLS 32700 Leadership: Global Workforce
  • POLS-Y 219 Introduction to International Relations
  • POLS-Y 346 Politics in Developing Countries
  • POLS-Y 360 U.S. Foreign Policy
  • POLS-Y 377 Globalization
  • SOC-R 338 Comparative Social Systems – P: SOC-R 100 or consent of instructor
  • WOST-W 300 Advancing Women in Leadership

Required Experience in Leadership

  • Leadership Practicum (research, service learning, study abroad, or internship)

Please download and complete this form when you are enrolled in your final leadership studies class, submitting it to Vicki Kruse in CC Room 162.