Honors Program

Honors Program

The Honors Program at IUPUC is an opportunity for deeper, broader, and more creative learning that will challenge you to pursue a greater level of learning and academic inquiry in your coursework.

By participating in honors-level study, you will have an opportunity to engage in collaborative research, service, and experiential learning opportunities with faculty and your peers. Honors study will provide you with a scholarly experience that increases your knowledge and its application in real-world settings.

Mission: To support deeper, more connected, and more creative learning opportunities for challenge-ready scholars. 

Vision: To nourish the inquiry-minded and ambitious at IUPUC.

Our Honors Program is guided by three core values:

  1. Academic quality and rigor
  2. Advanced opportunities for students
  3. Scholarship and research

Top Five Reasons to be an Honors Student

  1. Compete for honors scholarships to help pay your educational expenses.
  2. Work closely with a faculty mentor, developing a professional relationship and reference that can benefit you when you graduate.
  3. Present your work at research conferences, workshops, and events.
  4. Receive special recognition during the Commencement Celebration, including an honors-study designation on your official academic transcript.
  5. Participate in activities with fellow honors students in AND out of the classroom.

Questions about our Honors program?

If you have questions about the Honors Program at IUPUC, please contact the Director of the Honors Program, Dr. Stephanie Serriere.

For Honors advising questions, please contact the Honors Advisor, Bree Hobbs.