Biographical Statement

Dr. Burch began her career at Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus in 2013 as a visiting assistant professor of management and interim director of the MBA Program IUPUC. She is now assistant professor of marketing and the permanent MBA Program Director. She teaches courses in business, marketing, and statistics. Burch earned her Ph.D. from Indiana University Bloomington in 2012, with concentrations in sport management and journalism. Her research interests include new media, brand equity, and brand knowledge. Prior to, and concurrently with returning to academia, Burch spent four years working in industry, first as a business development analyst for Lockheed Martin Corporation, and most recently as a public relations specialist at Hirons & Company Communications. Building upon past professional experience, Burch operates as a strategic communication and research consultant in the field of public relations.


  • Ph.D. in Human Performance, School of Public Health, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, 2012

Professional Activities

  • Guest Co-Editor, Special Issue on Marketing of Olympic Sport via New Media for the International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing
  • Manuscript Reviewer for Journal of Sport Management, Sport Management Review, International Journal of Sport Communication, and Communication & Sport
  • Member of North American Society for Sport Management 
  • Member of Sport Marketing Association
  • Member of Student Affairs Committee, Sport Marketing Association
  • Member of Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication

Courses Taught

  • BUS-J 401 Administrative Policy
  • BUS-M 490 Special Studies in Marketing
  • BUS-W 200 Introduction to Business & Management
  • ECON-E 280 Applied Statistics for Business & Economics I
  • ECON-E 281 Applied Statistics for Business & Economics II

Research Activities

Marketing and branding efforts by organizations in new media and implications for consumer behavior and value propositions for organizations. Burch has been published in the Journal of Sport Management, Global Sport Business Journal, International Journal of Sport Management, International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing, International Journal of Sport Communication, and Communication and Sport. 

Awards & Activities

  • Office of Student Research Grant, Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus, Faculty Advisor, 2013
  • Top Faculty Paper, Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Conference, Sport Communication Interest Group, 2012
  • Janet B. Parks NASSM Research Grant, North American Society for Sport Management, Research Assistant, 2012
  • Research Fellowship for high research and academic performance, School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, Indiana University Bloomington, 2011
  • Global Research Network Program, Indiana University Bloomington, Research Assistant, 2010


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  • Frederick, E. L., Burch, L. M., Sanderson, J., & Hambrick, M. (In Press). To invest in the invisible: A case study of Manti Te’o’s image repair strategies during the Katie Couric interview. Accepted to Public Relations Review.
  • Eagleman, A. N., Burch, L. M., & Vooris, R. (In Press). A unified version of London 2012: New media coverage of gender, nationality, and sport for Olympic consumers in six countries. Accepted to Journal of Sport Management.
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