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Preceptors are an integral part of nursing education at IUPUC. Preceptors are teachers, mentors, and advocates for student nurses—they help students build skill, competence, critical thinking ability, and personal confidence.

Students greatly benefit by learning from and developing relationships with practicing RNs. Preceptors provide students with valuable professional perspectives, like engaging with and caring for a variety of patient populations to understand the full scope of nursing practice. They also model best nursing practice and behavior that students observe as part of their clinical experience.

In addition, participating in a preceptorship may help you meet clinical ladder and career advancement requirements in your workplace.


If you are interested in serving as an IUPUC nursing preceptor, we want to talk with you. To be considered for a preceptorship, you must:

  • Have at least three years of experience as a licensed RN
  • Hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree
  • Complete required training online or onsite


Preceptor training can be completed in two ways:

  1. Online modules
  2. In-person training onsite at your facility

To request onsite training, please call 812.348.7250 or e-mail nursing@iupuc.edu.

Adjunct Teaching Opportunities

Many employers utilize a structured framework for promotions and obtaining raises in the organization. Healthcare is no different. You may be familiar with terms like "clinical ladder" to describe the framework in which nurses can climb higher in your organization. By meeting the requirements of education, CEUs, committee work, community service, and other benchmarks, employers assess your commitment to the organization and the profession.

Sometimes meeting these requirements can be difficult. But did you know that the Indiana University School of Nursing at IUPUC can assist you in meeting those requirements? What would "adjunct faculty” look like on your resume or next annual review? How might your supervisor or employer view you differently from other staff?

If you serve as a preceptor to one or more of our students for at least two semesters, you can apply for non-paid adjunct faculty status. And, while the position is not a paid one, it does demonstrate your commitment to BSN nursing education.

Please contact Marsha Hughes-Gay at 812.348.7326 or e-mail mhughesg@iupuc.edu for additional information and to obtain the application for adjunct faculty status.