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If you have questions about placement testing at IUPUC, contact University College for information.


Placement Testing

As a new IUPUC student, placement testing may be needed to provide your academic advisor with more information about your academic skills. The results from placement tests help your academic advisor place you in appropriate courses and maximize your academic success.

Math Placement

All IUPUC students must complete a math placement test. You will complete the COMPASS mathematics test, a multiple-choice test evaluating your ability to apply sequences of basic operations to novel settings or in complex ways. The exam also evaluates your conceptual understanding of principles and relationships for mathematical operations in subject areas including algebra, geometry, and trignometry.

English Placement

The English placement test requires you to write a short essay that takes and supports a specific position on a social issue. The essay determines which of two writing courses is the best starting point for your college career.

If you plan to enroll in ENG-W 130 (the lower-level of the two beginning English courses), you are not required to complete a placement essay but you may choose to use it to help your advisor determine whether ENG-W 130 is the best course for you. Credit from ENG-W 130 does not count toward most degree programs but it is required if the results of the placement test so indicate it would be beneficial to your academic success.

On the other hand, ENG-W 131 is a required class that must be taken to graduate. You are eligible to register for ENG-W 131 if you meet at least one of these criteria.

  • You have an SAT critical reading score of 500 or higher.
  • You have an ACT English score of 22.
  • You received a grade of D- or better in ENG-W 130.
  • Your placement test results indicate placement in ENG-W 131 is recommended.

If you are transferring to IUPUC from another campus and you already have credit for ENG-W 130 or ENG-W131, you do not need to complete English placement testing.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Placement Test

University policy requires that most international students take the EAP placement test before registering for classes even if the TOEFL test has been taken. Your letter of admission from the Office of Recruitment and Admissions will indicate if you are required to take this test.

Because this test is used to accurately determine your English language skill level, you do not need to "prepare" for it. The scores are used to assign EAP classes that best meet your academic needs and provide you with favorable English experiences necessary for a successful academic career at IUPUC.

If you are a graduate student for whom English is not your native or first language, university policy also requiresthat you take the EAP placement test before the start of your first semester on campus. Based on the results of the EAP test, you may be required to take supplemental English courses.

Exam Fee

A fee of $35 must be paid to take the EAP test. Please submit payment to IUPUC's Office of the Bursar prior to your exam date/time. Cash or checks are accepted Monday-Friday during normal business hours. Please bring your payment receipt to your exam and show it to the testing assistant as proof of payment.

Spanish Placement Test

All IUPUC students who have previously taken Spanish in high school or have previous experience in Spanish are eligible to take the Spanish Placement Exam. The placement test is a computer-based test and is free of charge to all current IUPUC students. The test helps students place into a more advanced class depending on their results.

The Spanish Placement Exam takes approximately one hour. You will need to make an appointment with your assigned academic advisor to discuss if this test is a good option for you. Once you receive approval and a testing request form from your advisor, please call University College at 812.348.7200 to schedule your testing appointment.