Military Withdrawal

Missed Work

In the spirit of this policy, faculty should make every effort to allow student members of the U.S. armed forces to make up exams and assignments missed during the semester if it is documented that the student was called to duty for specialized, short-term training.

Indiana University realizes students who are members of the U.S. armed forces may be called to active duty, specialized training, or disaster relief efforts with little notice.

This policy does NOT pertain to initial active duty training (i.e., basic training), but is provided in order to minimize disruptions or inconveniences for IUPUC students fulfilling unanticipated U.S. military responsibilities in the midst of an academic term/session.

  • If you are called to active duty, specialized training, or disaster relief efforts, you may withdraw from all courses and receive a 100 percent refund of tuition and fees. Alternatively, with the permission of your instructor(s), you may receive an incomplete or a final grade in some or all of the courses taken. Either alternative may occur anytime during the semester through the end of final examinations.
  • If the withdrawal is processed after the first week of classes, a grade of W will be assigned. If you receive financial aid, you are subject to refund policies as provided for by the agencies sponsoring the aid. Your request to withdraw should be made within one week of official notification by the military service and may be made either by you or another responsible party who has the your military information.

If you wish to withdraw from courses as a result of being called to active duty, you must provide a copy of your orders to theOffice of Registrar Services along with a signed note asking to be withdrawn. You or another responsible party may contact the registrar's office to begin the withdrawal process based on preliminary official documentation, with the understanding that a copy of full military orders must  be forthcoming. If you must withdraw for active duty, specialized training, or disaster relief, your academic transcript for that term will have a notation that reads “Withdrew due to military obligation.” 

If you cannot enroll for a future term or need to withdraw from a current term  due to military commitments, you may request to be placed on a military leave of absence that will extend access to your IU computer and e-mail accounts while they are gone. To request a military leave of absence, contact the Office of Registrar Services.

This policy was approved by the IUB provost and IUPUI chancellor on 12.20.08.