Gateway Community

Gateway Community of Practice

The Community Education Coalition awarded funds to the IUPUC Center for Teaching and Learning to manage the work of the Gateway Community of Practice. IUPUC, Ivy Tech Community College Columbus, and the EcO Attainment Network are collaborative partners in this initiative with a goal to increase student success in gateway courses. Success in gateway courses improves student retention and degree completion leading to improved career and employment opportunities in the region. The initiative includes both instructor-driven and student-delivered strategies and will collect and analyze data to determine the most impactful approaches to increase gateway course success.

Professional Development to Support Faculty

Since 2016, eight IUPUC and Ivy Tech Community College Columbus faculty members have participated in the Gateway to Completion Teaching and Learning Academy (TLA). Educators implement best-practice improvement strategies in their gateway courses then document and share their experiences and results. Data such as grade distribution, retention, and course satisfaction are examined to assess the effectiveness of the strategies implemented. These 2017 TLA cohort members implemented their strategies during the 2017-2018 academic year.

  1. Leigh Britt, Visiting Lecturer, Mathematics, Division of Science, IUPUC
  2. Candy Knight, Assistant Professor of English, Ivy Tech Community College Columbus
  3. Heather Krebs, Adjunct Instructor, Mathematics, Division of Science, IUPUC
  4. Jocelyn Ramos, Associate Professor of Microbiology, Assistant Program Chair – Life and Physical Science, Ivy Tech Community College Columbus

Read a summary of their work.

The Gateway Leadership Team designs professional development programming each academic year. Ivy Tech and IUPUC faculty are encouraged to attend these sessions to hear about strategies implemented locally and learn about other best-practice instructional approaches. During 2017-2018, approximately 45 educators attended nearly 100 hours of professional development programming facilitated by the Gateway Community of Practice. Adjunct faculty who routinely attend Gateway sessions and implemented improvement strategies in their courses earned Gateway Fellows status and will be recognized at the Gateway Kickoff on September 14, 2018.

Supplemental Instruction to Support Students

Supplemental Instruction (SI) provides peer support inside and outside the classroom to enhance student engagement. Using trained Student Leaders, SI offers extra resources to students in a non-intimidating, but informed manner. Summer workshops for both faculty and Student Leaders are facilitated by the  IUPUC Center for Teaching and Learning. In 2017, more than a dozen IUPUC and Ivy Tech faculty members attened the training along with 10 Student Leaders.  Participants reported the workshops were extremely helpful (evalulation results). More workshops are scheduled for the summer of 2018.

Both IUPUC and Ivy Tech Community College Columbus actively participate in the EcO Attainment Network. The network brings educators, employers, and community partners together to build a coordinated, aligned learning system designed to connect residents to economic opportunities through education attainment. Within southeastern Indiana, the Department of Workforce Development projects that by 2025, 60 percent of jobs will require some type of postsecondary credential thus making education critical to the regional economy. While the focus of the Gateway Community of Practice is on helping students succeed in entry-level courses, it serves as a building block in the larger scope of work supporting learners as they progress along their educational pathway toward degree completion.