New students

Creating accounts, scheduling placement exams, registering for orientation... OH MY! Don’t stress, we created a checklist to help keep you on track.


To keep yourself on track, download and print multiple copies of the New Student Checklist. Tape it to the fridge, your bedroom door, the bathroom mirror, and anywhere in between, you know, just as a {constant} friendly reminder...


Need help or have a question? Give us a call or send us an email.

By following the New Student Checklist, you can be on your way to beginning your academic career at IUPUC! All new students beginning at IUPUC for their first-degree seeking semester will pay a one-time mandatory $110 new student fee.

To make it even more easy on you, download the checklist and mark each task off as you go.

  • STEP ONE: Create your IU computing accounts is your one-stop source for accessing IU services. One.IU enables you to complete tasks such as register for classes, pay your bursar bill, check your email, and so much more. Your first step as a new IUPUC student is to create your IU computing accounts.

    Creating your accounts

    1. Go to the Account Management Services (AMS)
    2. Select Create my first IU Computing Account.
    3. Enter your last name, date of birth, and University ID number in the fields provided. Then click Continue.
    4. Read the Guidelines for Appropriate Usage, which are rules and policies for IT account use at IU. After you have read the guidelines, enter Yes to agree to these policies. Then click Continue.
    5. Choose where you want to receive your IU email. An Imail account is similar to Microsoft A Umail account is similar to Google Gmail. Click Continue.
    6. Enter the passphrase you want to use in both fields. For information on selecting a valid and secure passphrase, see passwords and passphrases.
    7. Enroll in the Self-Service Passphrase Reset system. If you forget your passphrase, this tool will enable you to reset it yourself without having to visit a UITS Support Center walk-in location in person.
    8. Once you have entered at least three questions and answers, selectDone to complete your enrollment in the Self-Service Passphrase Reset system.
    9. You will want to save this information. You will need your account information each time you log in to your IU computing account. You can save as a PDF, or choose to select Page Print if you want to print a copy of your account information.
    10. Select Exit. It may take up to two hours before you can log in to some services.

    Helpful hints

    • Please allow nearly 15 minutes to complete the account creation process
    • Your ten-digit university ID number can be found on your acceptance letter
    • Write down your username and passphrase and keep it in a secure location for future reference
    • Bring your login information to orientation

    Need assistance?

    Contact the IT Help Desk at 812.375.7555 or email

  • STEP TWO: Accessing your IU email account

    Your university email is the official way of communication with faculty and staff—be sure to check your email often.

    You will begin receiving emails from many offices on campus over the summer. Included in this communication will be important deadlines and information that you will not want to miss! Once your IU computing accounts have been created you can access your IU email several ways.

    Accessing your IU email

  • STEP THREE: Secure earned credit

    If you have taken college courses while in high school, you need to request official transcripts or test scores be sent to the Office of Recruitment and Admissions. In order to better schedule classes for your first semester, your academic advisor needs official final grades and test scores.

    • For college or university transcripts please contact the college and request an official transcript to be sent directly to the Office of Recruitment and Admissions.
    • For AP  test scores please contact the College Board and request a copy of your scores to be sent directly to the Office of Recruitment and Admissions.
    • If you have completed dual credit from an IU campus (either on campus or through the Advanced College Project, ACP) there is no need to request any transcripts. Those credits are already part of your IU transcript.

    Send transcripts or AP Exam scores to:

    Office of Recruitment and Admissions
    4601 Central Avenue
    Columbus, IN 47203

  • STEP FOUR: Schedule your placement exam

    In order to place you in the most appropriate math course, IUPUC requires all first-year students take the ALEKS Math Placement Test. This tool provides your academic advisor with information about your mathematical strengths and weaknesses. If the results of your initial assessment are not as strong as you would like, you can retake the ALEKS assessment up to four more times (for a total of five assessments), in order to achieve your best outcome.

    Scheduling your placement exam

  • STEP FIVE: Schedule an advising appointment

    Before you can register for classes, you must attend an academic advising appointment. Your advisor will:

    • Help you choose a major and assist in planning your academic program
    • Provide information about how your credits apply to your degree
    • Explain academic policies and requirements
    • Suggest opportunities like Honors Program or mentoring

    Schedule an appointment

    To schedule an appointment, contact your academic division. If you are unsure of your specific division, contact University College (UCOL).

    Liberal arts812.348.7393
    Mechanical engineering        812.348.7200
    University College812.348.7200

    Schedule your appointment as soon as possible for best choice of classes and class times.

  • STEP SIX: Register for orientation

    Orientation is a required program for all new students. This session is your official welcome to IUPUC, where you will receive important information about campus life. At orientation, you will:

    • Connect with faculty and staff
    • Engage in activities with current students
    • Learn more about campus resources
    • Receive more information about scholarships and financial aid
    • Create your student ID, the C-card (this means we will be taking your picture).

    What to bring

    1. University ID number
    2. Username and passphrase
    3. Financial aid questions

    >> Reserve your spot today!

  • STEP SEVEN: Complete the immunization form

    Indiana State Law requires IUPUC to inform all students of the risks of Meningococcal disease, commonly known as meningitis, and the benefits of getting a vaccination. While it is NOT mandatory that students get vaccinated, students must access the Immunization Compliance Form, read the attached information, and acknowledge that they have read and understand the information.

    Access the compliance form

    1. Log into One.IU
    2. Search "Immunization"
    3. Click "Immunization Compliance Form"
  • STEP EIGHT: Register with AES, if needed
    If you have a documented short– or long–term physical, mental, or other challenge that could have an impact on your ability for a successful student experience, talk to us. We can work with you to provide a number of adaptive educational services (AES) based on your documented needs, including developing accommodations and processes to facilitate your learning and academic success.

    Make an appointment with the AES coordinator.

  • STEP NINE: Connect with us
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