The English placement test requires you to write a short essay that takes and supports a specific position on a social issue. The essay determines which of two writing courses is the best starting point for your college career.

If you plan to enroll in ENG-W 130 (the lowest-level of the two beginning English courses), you are not required to complete a placement essay but you may choose to use it to help your advisor determine whether ENG-W 130 is the best course for you. Credit from ENG-W 130 does not count toward most degree programs but it is required if the results of the placement test do indicate it would be beneficial to your academic success.

On the other hand, ENG-W 131 is a required class that must be taken to graduate. You are eligible to register for ENG-W 131 if you meet at least one of these criteria:
  • You have an SAT critical reading score of 500 or higher.
  • You have an ACT English score of 22.
  • You received a grade of D- or better in ENG-W 130
  • Your placement test results indicate placement in ENG-W 131 is recommended.

If you are transferred to IUPUC from another campus and you already have credit for ENG-W 130 or ENG-W 131, you do not need to complete English placement testing.