Beginning Freshmen: Step 1

  • Know your deadlines

    Apply for admission as early as possible. Applications are processed as they are received. Please allow three weeks for processing after all materials are submitted.

    For priority admission consideration, please submit your application, SAT and/or ACT scores, and all transcripts by these dates:

    • Fall semester: July 15
    • Spring semester: December 15
    • Summer session I: April 1
    • Summer session II: May 15
  • Review our admission standards

    Admission to IUPUC is selective, and we consider factors that emphasize promising academic performance and preparation.

    High school graduation

    You must earn a diploma from an accredited high school (or must have completed the Indiana High School Equivalency Diploma) to be eligible for admission consideration. Students who are homeschooled or attended an alternative school should submit credentials that demonstrate equivalent levels of achievement and ability.

    Academic preparation

    Applicants should complete at least 34 credits of college-preparatory courses, including:

    • 8 semesters of English
    • 4 semesters of social sciences, including history, government, economics, psychology, or sociology)
    • 4 semesters of algebra
    • 2 semesters of geometry
    • 2 semesters of a laboratory science, including biology, chemistry, or physics
    • 8 semesters of additional college prep courses, such as math, biology, chemistry, physics, social science, computer science, foreign language, or other college-prep courses.

    When available, we encourage students to enroll in a challenging curriculum that includes dual credit and/or Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

    Grades in academic classes

    Your cumulative GPA, as well the grades you have earned in the 34 courses required for admission, will be an important part of the application review process. If your school computes a weighted GPA and includes this GPA on your transcript, we will consider it for both the admission and scholarship processes.

    Standardized test scores

    IUPUC requires scores from the SAT and/or ACT; your scores must be sent directly from the testing agencies. The IUPUC school codes are listed below:

    • Our SAT code is 4216
    • Our ACT code is 6732
  • Research scholarship opportunities

    High school seniors who are near graduation may be eligible for automatic scholarships from IUPUC. Each year, we award a variety of admission-based scholarships to students based on their academic achievement. To be considered, you must be fully admitted to IUPUC by February 1.

    If you meet the February 1 deadline, you may submit updated SAT and/or ACT scores until April 1 for additional scholarship consideration. Updated scores will be evaluated and notification will be made on a rolling basis for those who qualify. After the February 1 deadline, admission-based scholarship opportunities are limited.

    You can also look for additional scholarship opportunities within your community and at your high school.

    For all other scholarship information, visit the Office of Scholarships.

  • What you need to send

    Ready to apply now? You will need to submit the following materials to apply for admission:

    The application. Freshman may apply using any one of the application platforms listed below

    The $65 application fee. The application fee is non-refundable. If you experience any payment issues, please contact us at

    Your high school transcript and full senior year schedule, which must come directly from your high school and can be emailed to

    Your SAT/ACT scores, which must be sent directly from the testing agencies. The IUPUC school codes are listed below:

    • Our SAT code is 4216
    • Our ACT code is 6732
  • Take the SAT and/or the ACT

    You’ll need to take the SAT and/or the ACT to apply to IUPUC.

    You do not need to take both tests to apply, however, taking both may increase your chances for admission and scholarship consideration.

    We’ll only consider official test scores sent directly from the testing agencies. When you take each test, you’ll be asked to list the universities where you want your scores sent. Use the codes listed below to have your official scores sent to IUPUC.

    • Our SAT code is 4216
    • Our ACT code is 6732

    If you’re over 21, learn more about adult applicants.

  • Research the majors

    Before you apply, make sure you spend some time exploring our different academic divisions and majors.

    When you fill out your application, you’ll be asked to choose an intended major. If you know what you’d like to major in, select that major.

    If you don’t know what major you’re interested in, that’s ok. Students who have not yet chosen a major are considered exploratory students. It’s fine to spend some time discovering the path that’s right for you.