You must have completed the entire primary and secondary university preparatory sequence in the country where you studied. If schooled in any system with less than the U.S. standard of 12 years of primary and secondary education, you must demonstrate outstanding academic performance to be admitted to the university.

To apply for admission, please provide:

  • Official academic transcripts (i.e., documentation from each school attended) demonstrating you have completed a challenging course of primary and secondary study, including math and science, that has prepared you for university study
  • Transcripts must clearly indicate all courses completed and grades/marks earned for each. If your transcripts are not available in English, a verified English translation must be included
  • Copies of all graduation diplomas, school certificates, and other documents indicating completion of secondary school

If you studied at a vocational secondary school, your admission will depend on the rigor of the program curriculum as indicated on your official transcripts.