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Explore these websites for more information about scholarships and ways to pay for your education:

If you can demonstrate solid academic achievement, like to volunteer and provide service, and can demonstrate personal merit or financial need, you may be eligible for scholarships.

There are many local, state, federal, university, corporate, private, community, and other scholarships available to IUPUC students. We can help you find information about scholarships and other sources of financial aid that can help you pay your educational expenses. Contact us!

Application Tips

  • Be aware of important details and due dates.
  • Start early! Begin by identifying those scholarships for which you meet all eligibility criteria.
  • Carefully read the instructions BEFORE completing application materials.
  • Submit all forms and required materials, such as academic transcripts or resumes, well in advance of due dates. Ensure all materials are included before you submit your application package. If your application is incomplete, it will not be considered.
  • If an essay is required, be sure to write and format it using Microsoft Word or another software application. Check your spelling and grammar. Then print a hard copy from your computer’s printer. Make sure all materials submitted are in good order and well organized.
  • If you submit your application by fax, follow up to ensure it was received in its entirety. Sometimes fax transmissions do not go through or the machine runs out of paper. Taking this extra precaution demonstrates attention to detail and ensures your materials receive full consideration.
  • Once you have submitted your materials, be patient. Do not call the funding agency frequently to inquire if you have been selected as a recipient.
  • If you receive a scholarship, it is a courteous, professional gesture to thank the individual(s) who funded the award with a letter or note. This is especially important if the scholarship is renewable.
  • Keep copies of all scholarship papers and materials that you submit, noting the dates you submit them.