Getting Help

For assistance with the FAFSA, you can:
  • Connect to the call center with operators available in English or Spanish: 1.800.4.FED.AID or 319.337.5665.
  • Or, for technical or general questions, you can send an email and someone will get back to you.

To ensure you receive full consideration for student loans, please follow these steps to ensure your application is processed as quickly as possible.

STEP 1: Submit the FAFSA

Depending on your status, you, your spouse, and/or your parents must first have filed a federal income tax return during the previous year to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA. If you did not file a federal return, you can enter estimates.

Completing the application is straightforward. The online tool will guide you through the process. Simply click the “Start Here” button and follow the directions on the screen.

FAFSA Completion Tips

  1. Get a PIN. This is a personal number that allows you to “sign” the FAFSA electronically. It is used to sign loan contracts and access your account information online.
  2. Gather your documents. You will need W2s and tax forms, including your parent’s forms if you are their dependent, your social security number, driver’s license number, and information on your checking and savings account balances, investments, and related information.
  3. Log in and enter your information. Pay attention to details, like ensuring your social security number matches what is on your social security card.
    • Note the password you will create for the FAFSA is NOT the same as your PIN. You will use the password only if you start the FAFSA, save your work without finishing it, and want to open it again later to finish it OR need to make changes once it has been submitted.
    • If you completed a FAFSA the previous year and want to renew it, click “Start Here” and select “FAFSA Renewal.” The FAFSA for the current year will open with much of the information from the previous year already entered. Just be sure to update any information that has changed since last year.
  4. List IUPUC as the university you want to receive your FAFSA information. IUPUC’s school code is E01033.
  5. Involve your parents. If you are your parent’s dependent, you’ll need to report their information.
  6. Take the next steps! Learn what to expect after you complete and submit the FAFSA. Check to see whether it has been processed and learn about your Student Aid Report (SAR), how to update and correct your FAFSA, and how to accept and receive your aid.

STEP 2: Verify Your Information & Provide Any Additional Documentation

After your FAFSA is processed by the U.S. Department of Education, you will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR).
  • It will be delivered via e-mail if you listed a valid address.
  • If you did not provide a valid email address, your SAR will be delivered via U.S. mail.

If any of your personal information is incorrect on the SAR, make corrections and update your FAFSA that is on file with the DOE.

Each year, about 30 percent of students who receive federal financial aid are selected for additional verification. First-time recipients will be notified about additional verification by mail; others will be notified by email. If selected, you must provide:

  • A completed FAFSA verification worksheet, available from the Office of Financial Aid
  • A signed copy of your prior year federal income tax return (and your spouse’s, if you are married), if applicable
  • A signed copy of your parents’ prior year federal income tax return (if you provided parental financial information on the FAFSA), if applicable
  • Additional documents may also be requested to complete the verification process 

You will not receive aid until verification is complete. Verification must also be completed in order for you to keep aid you have already received and before any additional aid will be awarded.

Verification may change your expected family contribution, which could result in an increase or decrease in aid awarded. You will be notified of changes via email sent to your Indiana University account.

STEP 3: Accept or Decline Aid

To view your financial aid notification, go to your “Student Center” in One and click “View Financial Aid.
  • If you wish to accept the aid offered, click “Accept/Decline Awards” and follow the prompts.
  • Avoid borrowing more than you need. If you do NOT want to accept the aid, click “Accept/Decline Awards” and follow the prompts to decline.