Alumni Relations

The alumni relations team at IUPUC can help you connect with faculty, students, and staff and network with more than 5,000 IUPUC alumni.

We develop and manage programs, events, and activities that build strong student and alumni relationships through service to IUPUC and the community. In addition, we:
  • Support and serve both the IUPUC Alumni Association and the Indiana University Alumni Association (IUAA)
  • Collaborate with the IUPUC Alumni Association's Board of Directors to engage graduates in campus growth and development
  • Engage current students through involvement in IUPUC's Student Alumni Association (SAA)
  • Work with the Office of Recruitment & Admissions to help tell the IUPUC story
  • Participate in the university's annual Commencement Day Celebration for new graduates

If you are a current student or graduate, you are part of the IUPUC family. Talk to us about how you can connect or reconnect with IUPUC—you can help us keep the university strong and play a vital role in shaping IUPUC's long-term future.