Alumni Student Recruiters

Share your passion and commitment for IUPUC by volunteering as an alumni student recruiter (ASR).

  • Make a positive impact and help shape the lives of young people and their families as they make important decisions about whether to attend college, what university to choose, how to pay for for their educations, what to study, and more.
  • Help us tell students, parents, local residents, business leaders, and others that IUPUC is a growing, vibrant campus offering prestigious Indiana University and Purdue University degrees.
  • Work with the Office of Recruitment & Admissions to share the latest information about IUPUC programs at college and career fairs, community events, and other happenings throughout the region.
  • Share your success story to the residents living in our region who are interested in pursuing a higher education degree and how they would benefit from IUPUC.
  • We will provide you with recruitment training and resource materials.