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Being a member of the IU Alumni Association will connect you with one of the largest alumni associations in the country and to a global network of IU alumni The South Central Indiana Region alumni relations team can help you succeed, connect, and engage. We all know IU fans have the most spirit and truly care about our world. Let’s bring this spirit of caring to our community and support what matters most to us…our homes, our students, and our IU!

We are dedicated to delivering the programs and services you need to stay connected and grow professionally and personally. Throughout the year, we host exciting professional and fun events. Volunteer your expertise and get involved!

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  • What is the best part of earning your degree? Becoming an IUPUC and IU alum! As a new graduate, you receive a free one-year membership in the Indiana University Alumni Association. Your membership makes IUPUC stronger and you get some perks, too. All you have to do is register.

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  • Share thoughts about your IUPUC experience, your new job or promotion, and family news through our alumni feedback form. We want to stay connected to you and support you in any way we can. Never underestimate the power of the alumni network.

  • Register for an IU alumni account and be assured of a lifetime connection to your alma mater. Once created, it's easy to manage your alumni account to ensure your information is always up to date.


  • Did you know the IUPUC Alumni Association offers undergraduate scholarships each year? All degree-seeking IUPUC undergraduate students are eligible. Applications are available December 1 in One.IU under Student Center. Completed applications are due March 10.