Division head message

A message from Dr. Wadsworth...

What is your vision for the future of business? Artificial intelligence replacing human workers? Online retailing replacing bricks and mortar stores? Autonomous vehicles delivering truckloads across the United States? Cell phones moving from network to network to find the best signal? Businesses developing non-profit subsidiaries to solve community problems like access to health care or housing for the elderly?

Business education changes as the needs of business change because we know business will be different tomorrow than it is today. Business professionals need to understand existing and emerging technology, monitor innovations, analyze large amounts of data, critically examine situations, make ethical decisions, and work with professionals from different cultures and continents.

The mission of the Division of Business is to provide students with a quality education through distinctive programs for a lifetime of achievement. A few ways we provide a quality business education:

  • Professional development opportunities help students learn how to make a great first impression, prepare for a successful internship, write a winning resume, or choose the correct water glass at a business meal, among other skills.
  • Students complete an experiential learning experience during their coursework.  While many students complete an internship, they can also participate in a study abroad experience in Hong Kong or conduct research with a faculty member.
  • In the final semester of their program, students run a simulated global business in competition with groups from other universities around the world and make shareholder presentations during each class. many IUPUC Business students have become global champions, some even earning worldwide Top 10 rankings.

Our faculty possess outstanding business and educational backgrounds with doctoral degrees from Indiana University, Stanford University, Purdue University, Northern Illinois University, and the University of Wisconsin. With their dedication to student-centered instruction, our faculty help prepare you for a successful career as a business professional.

According to the Hoosier Hot 50, the bachelor’s degree in highest demand for the near future in southcentral Indiana is a Bachelor of Science in Business. The Indiana Department of Workforce Development estimates demand for business majors in our region of Indiana to grow by 18 percent between now and 2022 compared to a state average growth rate of 11-12 percent.

If you are interested in an exciting and challenging career with excellent future potential come see us in the Division of Business.  Our goal is to accelerate your success.

Frank Wadsworth, Ph.D.
Head, Division of Business