Biographical statement

I have been at IUPUC since 1995, beginning as lecturer in accounting, and in 2001 I became clinical assistant professor after completing my doctorate. I have interests in the areas of managerial decision making and the use of accounting information in decision making, ethics and regulation in accounting and business, and accounting education. I also am involved in the IU MBA program at IUPUC.


  • B.A. in Clinical Psychology (1977), Purdue University
  • B.S. in Accounting (1986), Purdue University
  • Ph.D. in Accounting (2001), Purdue University

Professional activities

  • American Accounting Association
  • Institute of Management Accountants

Courses taught

  • BUS-A 201 Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • BUS-A 202 Introduction to Managerial Accounting
  • BUS-A 305 Accounting for Small and Medium Enterprises
  • BUS-A 311 Intermediate Accounting I
  • BUS-A 312 Intermediate Accounting II
  • BUS-A 328 Introduction to Taxation
  • BUS-A 335 Accounting for Government and Not-for-Profit Enterprises
  • BUS-A 337 Accounting Information Systems
  • BUS-A 380 Professional Practice in Accounting
  • BUS-A 422 Advanced Financial Accounting
  • BUS-A 424 Auditing
  • BUS-A 437 Advanced Managerial Accounting
  • BUS-A 490 Independent Study in Accounting
  • BUCO-A 501 Introduction to Financial Accounting (MBA prerequisite)
  • BUCO-K 501 Introduction to Statistics in Business and Economics (MBA prerequisite)
  • BUCO-A 524 Managing Accounting Information for Decision Making (MBA)

Administrative & service responsibilities

I serve on the Division of Business Undergraduate Policy and CurriculumCommittee. I represent the Division of Business as a senator in the IUPUC Faculty Senate, and I have servedon the IUPUC Academic Affairs Committee, Faculty Affairs Committee, Nominations Committee, and Constitution and BylawsCommittee, and IUPUC Grievance Board. I have served on divisional search and screen committees, and have chaired a number of director-level staff search and screen committees. In the past, I have been President of the Faculty, chair of the IUPUC Academic Council (the predecessor to the IUPUC Faculty Senate), and have chaired the IUPUC Academic Affairs Committee, Nominations Committee, and Executive Committee.

Research activities

I am currently working with IUPUC colleague Larita Killian, Ed.D., CPA, on the application of Fink’s Significant Learning paradigm in accounting education.In 2010, Dr. Killian and I received the 2010 Bea Sanders Award/AICPA Teaching Innovation Awardfrom the American Accounting Association.


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