Management Courses

BUS-P 301 Operations Management (3 cr.)  [P:BUS-W 200 and ECON-E 281. ]   A survey course concerned with the production and distribution of goods and services. Topics include: inventory management, demand forecasting, aggregate production planning, materials requirements planning, shop scheduling, project management, quality control, and layout and process design.

BUS-P 330 Project Management (3 cr.)  [P:BUS-P 301. ]   This course will introduce the student to the full range of project management topics, concerns, problems, solution methods and decision processes. These areas include: project selection, project organizational structures, negotiation, project planning, project scheduling and resource loading, project budgeting, project monitoring and control project auditing, and project termination.

BUS-P 421 Supply Chain Management (3 cr.)  [P:BUS-P 301.]   This course focuses on the strategic design of supply chains with a particular focus on understanding customer value. Supply chain strategy examines how companies can use the supply chain to gain a competitive advantage. Students develop the ability to conceptualize, design, and implement supply chains aligned with product, market, and customer characteristics. The course approaches supply chain management from a managerial perspective and introduces concepts in a format useful for management decision making including using case analysis, team-based learning and business presentations.

BUS-S 302 Management Information Systems (3 cr.)  [P:BUS-Z 302.]   This course provides a comprehensive overview of information systems (IS) within a business context from information technology (IT) operations to strategy. We will focus on two broad areas; how organizations should manage their IT functions and how IT enables business processes. Some of the topics we will cover include: enterprise architecture, IT management frameworks, technology case analysis, emerging technologies, IT implementation processes, and enterprise systems.

BUS-W 200 Business Management (3 cr.)  [P:BUS-X 100.]   Business administration and management from the standpoint of a business firm operating in the contemporary economic, political, and social environment.

BUS-W 430 Organizations and Organizational Change (3 cr.)  [P:BUS-Z 302.]   The objective of this class is to introduce the principles of organization design, the blueprint by which different parts of the organization (e.g., production, marketing, financial, accounting, and MIS systems) fit together to create an effective organization. Organization design provides the means by which strategy and goals are implemented so it is as important to a firm's overall performance as financial perfomance, operational efficiencies or market share.

BUS-W 490 Independent Study in Business Administration (1-3 cr.)  [P:Consent of undergraduate program chairperson and instructor.]   Supervised individual study and research in student's special field of interest. The student will propose the investigation desired and, in conjunction with the instructor, develop the scope of work to be completed. Comprehensive written report required.

BUS-X 103 Business Learning Community (1 cr.)   This course is designed to assist students to be successful at the university and to develop skills and competencies that will enable them to perform well in courses offered by the Division of Business.

BUS-Z 302 Managing and Behavior in Organizations (3 cr.)  [P:BUS W200.]   Integration of behavior and organizational theories. Application of concepts and theories toward improving individual, group, and organizational performance. Builds from a behavioral foundation toward an understanding of managerial processes.

BUS-Z 440 Personnel-Human Resource Management  (3 cr.)  [P:BUS-Z 302.]   Nature of human resource development and utilization in American society and organizations, government programs and policies, labor force statistics, organizational personnel departments, personnel planning, forecasting, selection, training, and development. Integration of government and organizational human resource programs.

BUS-Z 445 Human Resources Selection (3 cr.)  [P:or C: Z440]   The ability to evaluate applicants and predict their future performance is a critical function in any organization that wishes to have a competitive edge over other firms. This course will provide students with an understanding of the technical components of selection, including how to determine which applicant characteristics should be examined, what procedures should be used to gather information, and how that information should be combined to identify qualified job applicants.

BUS-Z 447 Leadership, Teamwork, and Diversity (3 cr.)  [P:BUS-Z 302]   In this course, students develop a "toolkit" of leadership behaviors to use in a variety of situations, when those working with and/or for them need to be motivated toward a common good, particularly when that work involves the use of teams made up of diverse individuals.