Marketing Courses

BUS-M 300 Introduction to Marketing (3 cr.)  [P:26 credit hours.]   Examination of the market economy and marketing institutions in the United States. Decision making and planning from the manager's point of view; impact of marketing actions from the consumer's point of view. No credit toward a degree in business.

BUS-M 301 Introduction to Marketing Management (3 cr.)  [P:BUS-W 200 and ENG-W 231.]   Marketing planning and decision making examined from firm's and consumer's points of view; marketing concept and its company-wide implications and integration of marketing with other functions. Market structure and behavior and their relationship to marketing strategy and implementation.

BUS-M 303 Marketing Research (3 cr.)  [P:Bus M301]   Focuses on the role of research in marketing decision making. Defining research objectives, syndicated and secondary data sources of marketing information, exploratory research methods, survey research design, experimental design, and data analysis.

BUS-M 345 Introduction to Franchising (3 cr.)  [P:BUS-M 301.]   Course deals with the important aspects of starting and managing a franchise business. Specific attention is placed on the characteristics of the franchisor and franchisee; evaluation of franchising opportunities; legal concerns of franchising; the development of appropriate strategies and the successful planning, implementation and launching of a business.

BUS-M 401 International Marketing (3 cr.)  [P:BUS M301.]   Covers world markets, their respective consumers, and their political/economic marketing environments. Examines the marketing issues required to meet the product, promotion, price, and distribution demands of a world market. Although the course has a global orientation, issues specific to exporting are discussed.

BUS-M 405 Consumer Behavior (3 cr.)  [P:BUS M301.]   Description and explanation of consumer behavior. Demographic, socioeconomic, psychographic, attitudinal, and group influences on consumer decision-making. Applications to promotion, product design, distribution, pricing, and segmentation strategies.

BUS-M 415 Advertising and Promotion Management (3 cr.)  [P:BUS-M 301. ]   Basic advertising and sales-promotion concepts. The design, management, and integration of a firm's promotional strategy. Public policy aspects and the role of advertising in marketing communications in different cultures.

BUS-M 419 Retail Management (3 cr.)  [P:BUS M301.]   Major management problems in retail institutions. Treatment of retail/marketing strategy design and problems related to financial requirements, buying, inventory, pricing, promotion, merchandising, physical facilities, location, and personnel.

BUS-M 426 Sales Management (3 cr.)  [P:BUS M301.]   Emphasizes the activities and problems of field sales management. Includes organizing the sales force, recruiting, training, compensation, motivation, sales techniques, forecasting, territory design, evaluation, and control. Lectures and case studies.

BUS-M 450 Marketing Strategy (3 cr.)  [P:BUS-M 405, P or C: BUS-M 303.]   Ideally taken in the student's last semester. Capstone course for marketing majors. Draws on and integrates courses previously taken. Focuses on decision problems in marketing strategy and policy design, as well as and application of analytical tools for marketing and decision making.

BUS-M 490 Independent Study in Marketing (1-3 cr.)  [P:Consent of undergraduate program chairperson and instructor.]   Supervised individual study and research in student's special field of interest. The student will propose the investigation desired and, in conjunction with the instructor, develop the scope of work to be completed. Written report required.