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The U.S. criminal justice system is designed to enforce defined standards of conduct designed to protect the rights of individual citizens and groups of citizens. The term “criminal justice” is used to describe the policies, procedures, and practices that federal, state, and municipal governments use to uphold legal codes and laws, ensure public safety, deter and mitigate crime, penalize those who violate laws, and rehabilitate offenders. It also aims to reduce crime, deliver justice to victims of crimes, and maintain public confidence that the system protects law-abiding citizens.

 As a criminal justice student, you will study, explore, and research important societal needs related to law enforcement, the judicial system, corrections, and national security. You will complete classes on research methods, criminological theory and policy, criminal law, courts, corrections, and policing. You may also study cutting-edge topics related to homicide, terrorism, juvenile justice, and cybercrime.

Train to be an officer

The Cadet Officer Program, normally two years in length, allows full-time Indiana University students to work in the criminal justice system and in a law enforcement agency while pursuing their degree.

Completion of the Cadet Officer Program, which includes the Indiana University Police Academy, provides comprehensive and unique law enforcement training which, coupled with the university's educational programs, produces a highly qualified, experienced, and educated law enforcement professional.

The Indiana University Cadet Program provides students with hands-on training for a career in law enforcement.

Description of the video:

The Cadet Program holds you accountable for reaching your goals.

 It sets pretty high standards for you, and there's a lot of good people in the program that kinda help keep you motivated in reaching the goals.

Throughout the Academy I learned that I loved criminal law, and so I decided to go to Maurer here at IU where I could still be a part-time officer and learn the law.

And I definitely wouldn't have gotten into law school without this program.

Throughout the Academy you get really, really close with your peers.

Basically, you're forced to spend so much time around people, that people that you normally wouldn't spend time around become your best friends.

I still talk to pretty much everybody from my class, and love them like brothers.

If you're on top of your stuff, and you know when your classes are, your homework schedule, your exam schedule, you should be fine.

You get to plan out your own schedule, when you work and when you don't.

 Students at Indiana University that have an interest in law enforcement should definitely look into the IUPD Cadet Officer Program and the training offered by the IU Police Academy.

As a cadet, you are not sworn, and you are not an official law enforcement officer.

After graduation of the Police Academy, you will then become a part-time officer at one of our IUPD divisions, where you will be a full-fledged, fully-sworn police officer in Indiana.

All while working towards finishing your degree and graduating from Indiana University.

The worst thing that could happen is you come in and you waste a day applying, and you decide you don't wanna do it. 

The best thing that could happen is you end up changing your life.


Are you a veteran?

If you have served your country—or if you are a current active-duty member of the U.S. armed forces—talk to us about earning an Indiana University or Purdue University degree. Our welcoming Columbus campus is a short drive from, Indianapolis, Camp Atterbury, and Muscatatuck Urban Training Center.

With online, hybrid, off-site, evening, and day classes offered year-round, earning a degree at IUPUC is flexible and convenient. In addition, you’ll enjoy small class sizes and one-on-one attention from faculty and staff who care about helping you succeed.

 In addition, you might be eligible for veteran educational benefits through the G.I. Bill. Our admissions counselors can help to guide you through that process to ensure you are getting all of the benefits to which you are entitled.

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