Catch Up or Get Ahead with Six-Week Summer Sessions

IUPUC offers two six-week sessions every summer, and courses are offered in-person and online making it convenient for you! Courses in our summer sessions tend to have smaller class sizes which means you receive personalized attention. Summer courses are a great way to focus on a particular subject or to fulfill a general education requirement. 

students-discovery-400.jpgStudents engage in summer courses for a variety of reasons, and even non-IUPUC students come to our campus to take a course or two once they come back home for the summer.

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Catch up or get ahead on your Gen. Eds.

AJ Amini, Associate Director of University College

Why We Chose Summer Classes At IUPUC

Nellie Niese

a junior Business student

As a 21st Century Scholar and Fast Track participant, Nellie needed and wanted to take summer courses to reach her requirement of 30 credit hours per academic year. She plans to take full advantage of Summer 2019 by registering for a total of 5 courses. Maximizing the use of her summers will allow her to graduate in three years instead of four!

Emma Craig

a senior Communication Studies student

Emma said she took summer courses because it was convenient. The sessions are shorter than a normal fall and spring session which meant she could take more classes in a shorter amount of time, and she was able to take online courses which meant she didn’t have to commute to campus for class.

Jacob Cumberledge

a sophomore Psychology student

The more Jacob thinks about it, the more he plans to take classes during Summer 2019 because it’s going to allow him to graduate early, and as a student worker for the Office of Recruitment and Admissions, he’ll already be on campus for work so it will work well with his schedule.

Dulce Hernandez Moreno

a freshman Pre-Nursing student

While Dulce hasn’t taken any summer courses at IUPUC yet, she plans to during Summer 2019. Her plan is to take a pre-requisite course for the Nursing program. By doing this she plans to focus all her attention on that course while easing her academic course-load during regular fall and spring semesters.

How To Apply

If you are not currently a student at IUPUC you will need to submit an application and complete the admissions process before taking courses in the summer. Please see below for examples of how to apply based on student types.

Don’t see a student type applicable to you? Visit How to Apply for all student types or contact the Office of Recruitment and Admissions for assistance.

Transcripts & Transfer Credits

Learn how to submit transcripts and transfer credits will be evaluated.

It’s a great time to do an internship or experiential learning opportunity for credit.

Libby Carlile, Assistant Director of Admissions

Registering For Classes

Still confused on the process? Check out the Steps to Register to learn more about the right way to register for classes.