Professional Development

Each interactive workshop in the Professional Development Series will focus on critical aspects of operations excellence in the workplace. Practical models, concepts, and tools will be introduced and practiced in each workshop for next-day implementation.

Cost: Fifteen percent discounts are available for three or more participants from the same organization, or for individuals registering for three or more workshops.

Contact to obtain a promotional code that you can use during registration. Registrants MUST use the code during registration in order to receive the discount. Discount does not apply to Emotional Intelligence (EQI) and Transition to Supervision workshops.

Course location: Arvin Center for Graduate Business Education at IUPUC
4601 Central Avenue
Columbus, IN 47203

Participants can register for the entire series or select only the workshops that are most appropriate. Earn a special “Professional  Development Certificate” upon completion of five or more workshops. To register contact Melissa Fairbanks at

  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence - EQI 2.0 Assessment

    Leadership success in ones career and life requires more than just good technical skills, experience, intelligence, vision and hard work. While these attributes are important, to make a difference and truly succeed as an effective manager and leader, one needs to add the five components of emotional intelligence. These include; self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and people skills. EQI 2.0 is one of the most scientifically validated intelligence instruments available today. This instrument measures the interaction between a person and his / her environment, a key determinant of emotional intelligence and social functioning. The complete overview, coaching and feedback report presents results in both numerical and graphical (bar graph) form, and has application for greater organizational effectiveness, succession planning, and leadership development through coaching, development and performance management. 

    Discount does not apply

    Date: Friday, March 9, 2018

    Time: 9 a.m. to noon

    Cost: $160

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  • Professional Communications in Today's Workplace

    Professional Communications in Todays Workplace is a special business program designed for all professionals who work and communicate daily with colleagues, associates, team members at various levels, suppliers and customers. This workshop provides each participant with an understanding of the business and personal case for excellent business communications.  The session examines the framework for understanding the six universal elements of the communication process by concentrating on the obstacles that create misunderstanding and the successful behaviors and best practices that overcome obstacles to be more effective in the workplace – highlighting written, electronic, verbal and non-verbal communication approaches. The session also focuses on the value of asking effective questions, active listening and paraphrasing to better understand issues and reduce the chances of conflict and disagreement among team associates. 

    Date: Friday, February 9, 2018

    Time: 9 am to noon

    Cost: $160

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  • Time Management for Personal Productivity

    Time Management provides practical tools, models and methods to address the frustrations of never having time to complete all work and manage our days in an effective and efficient manner. Learn some of the critical strategies in taking control and “getting things done” including goal-setting and alignment, commitment, persistence and focus, planning, managing priorities and tasks, avoiding procrastination, eliminating distractions, and changing your habits.

    Date: Friday, February 23, 2018

    Time: 9am to noon

    Cost: $160

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  • Building High Performance Teams

    This workshop explores the many aspects of managing effectively in a team environment, including: a model of effective team functioning; the stages of team development and associated issues and actions; and tools to increase participation of team members in developing communication strategies and establishing plan expectations.  Participants will leave this course well-grounded in key frameworks and tools necessary to work effectively within teams.

    Date: Friday, January 26, 2018

    Time: 9am to noon

    Cost: $160

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The Center for Business and Economic Development (CBED) began training employees across the region and around the globe in 2008. Here is what some of our participants had to say:

  • “Great training, best training I have gone through.” – CI leader/supervisor
  •  “Encouraged that my time invested in this course will be applicable, useful and beneficial.” – Engineer
  • “GREAT JOB!!” – Service engineering group leader
  • “Material and instructor were both the best I’ve ever received” – Management
  • “Very good training. I must say the best training that I have attended” – CI leader/supervisor
  • “Enjoy the mix of presentation and activities. Keeps me engaged in the training.” - Manager
  • “Exciting class and I am enthused about applying what I have learned.” – Product engineer
  • “I see daily issues in a new way…” – Change control supervisor
  • “I feel confident that I can apply the topics learned, they were presented in a very easy to apply user friendly way.” – Group leader
  • “One of the best, insightful trainings I have attended. I have attended 320 hours of training in the last six months. Thank you.” - Manager
  • “Great training. I will start applying this tomorrow.”- Assistant technical project leader
  • "After attending these sessions I feel that I have obtained many tools that will help me along the way to accomplish many goals and in turn become a better lead operator." - Lead Operator