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Release Date: July 1, 2013

Workshop on Innovation is First in Four-Part Series for Systems Engineering Certificate

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A noncredit workshop on innovation and creativity, which can be taken as  a stand-alone course or as one of four courses in a series leading to a certificate in systems engineering, will be held at Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus (IUPUC) beginning Monday, August 5.

The certificate program is a new noncredit offering developed by the Center for Business and Economic Development (CBED) and the Division of Mechanical Engineering at IUPUC. The courses are appropriate for engineers of all types, as well as project managers, advanced manufacturing executives, business owners, and others who manage or oversee complex business operations.

According to Dr. Dan Fant, director of the mechanical engineering program at IUPUC, systems engineering is comprised of various methodologies needed to produce innovative, high-quality products and services that meet customer needs, whether in business-to-business or business-to-consumer settings.

“A systems engineering approach broadens one’s ability to be more aware and understanding that individual business units are interdependent on each other for successful operations. In particular, it enables professionals of all types to develop the skills and critical thinking needed to efficiently and effectively manage business, manufacturing, or engineering processes through the product life cycle,” Fant explains.

The IUPUC certificate program will focus on innovation, product planning and development, systems architecture, and other principles that will promote professional development and career advancement for participants, he added.


  • Date: Monday, August 5 through Friday, August 9 | 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Location: CC Room 176, IUPUC campus

The first course in the series will explore creativity and innovation leading to market success, said Kevin McCracken, interim director of CBED.

It can be taken by those who just want to jump-start their creativity and innovation in the workplace or it can be taken by those who plan to complete the entire series and earn the systems engineering certificate.

McCracken says IUPUC has tapped Dr. Jonathan Weaver of University of Detroit Mercy, to lead the workshop. Weaver has worked with the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) and the Naval Post-Graduate School to develop a master’s degree in product development. He has more than 20 years of experience in systems engineering and product design

Cost for the workshop is $1,600 per participant, which includes all materials. The classes will be held in the Arvin Center for Graduate Business & Executive Education, a technologically advanced suite of classrooms.


  • Format: Four courses (each consisting of 40 hours of instruction) for a total of 160 hours
  • Dates for courses 2, 3, and 4: To be announced

Future courses in the series will include 40-hour sessions held on campus on topics including product planning and development, systems architecture, and systems engineering.

McCracken said, however, the courses could also be offered on consecutive weekends using video conferencing and other distance-learning technologies for remote access if there is enough demand.

“We have developed the course content so that it meets the needs of Cummins and other advanced manufacturers in this region. It is appropriate for any company that has operations in the U.S. or abroad,” he noted.

For complete details about the workshop and the systems engineering certificate series, visit www.iupuc.edu/systems-engineering or contact Kevin McCracken at CBED@iupuc.edu or 812.348.7302.