Post-Bac Teacher Certification

Academic Advising

As an education student at IUPUC, you'll work closely with your academic advisor to prepare for admission into the Teacher Education Program. You and your advisor will track your progress to ensure you are on the right track for graduation and licensure.

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Admission Requirements

Before you can begin professional courses, field experiences, and student teaching, you must apply for admission into the Teacher Education Program (TEP) at IUPUC. Work closely with your academic advisor to make sure that you finish the required general education courses and meet the additional admission criteria.

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How to apply for admission to the TEP

As a graduate from Ivy Tech or Vincennes, with an associate’s degree in education (TSAP), you will need to apply for admission to IUPUC’s Teacher Education Program (TEP) in order to begin your professional education courses.

The TEP is a cohort-based experience, so you progress through the program with a group of your peers, forming tight-knit bonds that will last throughout your career.

To be admitted, you must meet basic eligibility criteria and complete these step-by-step instructions. Depending on when you are admitted, you will begin your professional education courses during the fall or spring semester.

  • Application due dates
    • To join the cohort beginning in the SPRING, apply for TEP admission by October 7 during the preceding fall.
    • To join the cohort beginning in the FALL, apply for TEP admission by March 7 during the preceding spring.
  • Application review

    We begin reviewing TEP admission applications on the first business day after the due date.

    • Admission to the TEP is competitive.
    • Applications are accepted until all available spots are filled.

    If there are more applicants than available space, your application will be ranked by GPA and completion of prerequisites and other requirements. Meeting GPA and other requirements means you will be considered for but not guaranteed admission.

  • Application process

    To apply for admission to the TEP, you must:

    1. Be an admitted IUPUC student. Learn how to apply.
    2. Have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher, or a master’s degree.
    3. Completion of, or enrollment in, the following classes: EDUC F200, EDUC Q200, EDUC P254, MATH 13000, and MATH 13200
    4. Provide documentation of passing academic skills test information to the Division of Education (only one of the following is needed):
            • SAT: Combined Score of Math + Verbal that is 1100 or greater.
            • ACT: Composite Score of 24 or greater.
            • PRAXIS I (PPST): Test must have been completed PRIOR to June 30, 2013.
            • Indiana Core Academic Skills Assessment (CASA) scores.

    5. Complete the online TEP application.

    You will be notified via e-mail if you have any missing application materials. If notified, you will need to provide the missing information before your application can be formally reviewed for admission.

  • Notification of admission

    If your application is complete and you can be conditionally or unconditionally admitted to the TEP, you will be notified by a letter of admission delivered via U.S. mail.

    Once unconditionally admitted, you must complete an expanded criminal history check, which requires a fingerprinting appointment through MorphoTrust. You will need to make sure that the results are sent electronically to the Division of Education for your academic file.

        • For fall Block I, criminal history checks must be completed by the first day of fall classes.
        • For spring Block I, criminal history checks must be completed by the first day of spring classes.

    Additionally, you will need to complete a Department of Child Services (DCS) check form. We will provide you with this form prior to the start of classes. You will need to provide the information requested and return it to the Division of Education Office for processing.

    Schools used for field placements and student teaching require that a current criminal history check and DCS check for all TEP students be on file.

    We are not responsible for disruptions to your studies or ability to complete program requirements due to the decisions of schools regarding your placement based on the results of your criminal history and/or DCS check.

Student Teaching

As a culminating experience, our Teacher Education Program (TEP) will place you in an K-6 elementary education classroom, where you will be able to both observe and practice the art of teaching in an actual classroom.

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Prepare for Licensure

During your final four semesters you will begin taking your licensure exams so that you will be prepared to pursue professional licensure upon receiving a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in education.

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