Proposal Information

If a student is the primary author, he or she may submit no more than one proposal for the poster presentation and no more than one proposal for the oral presentation. However, the proposals must be different research projects.  There is no limit on the number of proposals submitted per co-presenter.

All proposals will undergo a rigorous evaluation. Proposal reviewers will evaluate submissions based on the criteria listed below and will assess overall merit within the context of the specific academic discipline.

Proposals should strive to:

  • Address important issues in psychology
  • Appeal across a variety of audiences
  • Demonstrate a strong assessment of evidence
  • Be informed by relevant theory, practice, and research in the field area
  • Cleary state objectives and outcomes (or anticipated outcomes)
  • Be well-written (tone, grammar, spelling)
  • Give implications and be applicable to the field area
  • Present novel, innovative, or creative ideas
  • Clearly, state the topic
  • Contain appropriate format (see Guideline for Proposal below)

Note: The focus of each proposal can be either completed research or in-progress research. Having a completed research project by the conference date is not required.  Instead, the evaluation will be based on the quality of the research idea and design. 

Guideline for proposals

Proposals should:

  1. Clearly state the central research question and/or purpose of the project. 
  2. Provide brief, relevant scholarly or research context (no actual citations required) that
    demonstrate its attempt to make a unique contribution to the area of inquiry. 
  3. Provide a brief description of the research methodology. 
  4. State conclusions or expected results and the context in which they will be discussed. 
  5. Include text only (no images or graphics)
  6. Be well-written and well-organized.
  7. Proposals should fully explain your presentation, and should be between 150-250 words in length.
  8. Proposals should include an additional description between 30-50 words for the program.

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