Master of Science in Nursing

Become a Family Nurse Practitioner

Rural Focus. Our students graduate uniquely prepared to meet the needs of the people residing throughout the region.

Designed for Professionals. Our hybrid format requires 43 credit hours and 600 clinical hours over a three year period to qualify for graduation.

Guaranteed Clinical Placements. Due to our small class sizes, we pair students with regional hospitals partnered with IUPUC to ensure the 3-year graduation track.

Application Requirements

  1. Personal statement (uploaded to the application)
    • Why is this program a fit for you?  Why are you pursuing your FNP?
    • 2-3 pages
    • APA format
  2. Three (3) recommendations (email addresses needed)
    • From a physician (required)
    • From an academic faculty/instructor (preferred, not required)
    • Open
  3. Resume (uploaded to the application)
  4. Pre-Admission Physical Form
  5. Core Competency Evaluation
  6.  Online Application