Unique Page Views
A unique pageview, as seen in the Content Overview report, aggregates pageviews that are generated by the same user during the same session. A unique pageview represents the number of sessions during which that page was viewed one or more times.
The initial session by a user during any given date range is considered to be an additional visit and an additional visitor. Any future sessions from the same user during the selected time period are counted as additional visits, but not as additional visitors.

UITS Important Projects

Classroom Life-Cycle Upgrades
On Time
Replacement of older projectors and other AV equipment in selected classrooms. Includes wiring upgrade to digital and change to widescreen format in both projectors and screens.
Due Date: 08-16-2013
Digital Signage Upgrade
On Time
Upgrade of Fourwinds content manager and player media. Includes means to publish feeds using WCMS.
Due Date: 06-21-2013
IUPUC.EDU Redesign
Complete redesign of the IUPUC public website. Upgrade has enhanced both the visual and content of the site.
Due Date: 04-28-2013