Liberal Arts

Earn an IU communications degree

With an Indiana University Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communication Studies, you can open the door to an exciting area of study that will help you explore new ideas, find your voice, develop research skills, pursue honors-level coursework, and build a bright future!

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Earn an IU English degree

With an Indiana University Bachelor of Arts (BA) at IUPUC in English degree you will will explore the diversity and richness of the English language. You can complete the bachelor’s degree in English with concentrations in creative writing or literature.


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Earn an IU sociology degree

With an Indiana University Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Sociology, you will explore the interaction between individual and groups of humans who live, learn, work, and play in societies. A degree in sociology will provide you with excellent preparation for careers in social services, law, criminal justice, health care, business, and industry.

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Start your degree at IUPUC

If you are interested in a liberal arts degree that cannot be completed at IUPUC—like history, religious studies, or a foreign language, for example—talk to us about completing some courses in Columbus and then transferring to the School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI or another IU campus.

  • It is likely you can complete a substantial portion of general education, elective, and required courses in Columbus before transferring to complete the degree.
  • In these cases, you will work closely with an academic advisor to develop an individual plan of study around the courses offered at IUPUC that will apply to your desired major. You and your advisor will develop a timeline for a smooth transfer.

Honors program

By participating in honors-level study, you will have an opportunity to engage in collaborative research, service, and experiential learning opportunities with faculty and your peers. Honors study will provide you with a scholarly experience that increases your knowledge and its application in real-world settings.

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