Advising and Graduation

Academic Advising and Graduation

As a liberal arts student at IUPUC, you will make a number of important decisions as you choose and register for courses and progress through your degree program. You will work closely with an advisor to ensure you meet all degree requirements and stay on track to graduate on time.

  • Advising Process

    Even though you are ultimately responsible for your educational experience, good academic advising is a collaborative process. Instead of providing you with standard, routine answers to your questions, we will give you the information, counsel, and perspective you need to make your own informed choices.

    Please download and review our advising syllabus.

    • The syllabus lists expectations for the advising process, including learning outcomes like taking ownership of your academic progress and career goals, utilizing resources and services that will assist you in meeting your goals, selecting courses that fulfill your educational plan, and more.
    • It also lists recommended reading materials and outlines the responsibilities of your advisor and what you can expect during an advising appointment.
  • Appointments

    Depending on the nature of your questions and the reason for your visit, we recommend you make an appointment for the best advising experience.

    There are two ways to schedule an appointment with an advisor in the Division of Liberal Arts:

    1. If you are on campus, go to CC Room 162 and request an appointment in person.
    2. Call 812.348.7393 to request an appointment.

    Appointments are generally available between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Hours are subject to change when the office is closed for meetings, student orientation sessions, and other administrative functions. Appointments outside of normal office hours may be available upon request; please check when scheduling your appointment.

  • Graduation Applications

    Did you know you must apply to graduate? If you are a student in the Division of Liberal Arts who is pursuing an undergraduate degree and/or minors, please complete one of these forms to graduate.

    Completed forms should be submitted to Vicki Kruse in CC Room 162.

    View your graduation application status in OneStart Student Center by navigating to "My Academics and Grades" and selecting "Graduation Status." If your graduation application is accepted by the Division of Liberal Arts, you will see "Program in Review" and your intended graduation term listed. Review all the information for accuracy and alert the Office of Registrar Services or your advisor about any errors.

    Graduating with a liberal arts minor must also be confirmed. Contact the Division of Liberal Arts to ensure your minor is finalized after completing required coursework. If you complete your minor coursework during the same semester you plan to graduate, be sure to contact the division or your advisor as quickly as possible. There is a short turnaround from registering your final grades to when your degree conferred during commencement.

  • Due Dates

    If you will graduate in December, application due dates are:

    • May 1: Date for guarantee of an official graduation audit before the start of fall classes

    • October 1: Last date to apply for December graduation

    If you plan to graduate in May or August, application due dates are:

    • September 1: Date for guarantee of an official graduation audit before the start of springclasses

    • January 1: Last date to apply for May graduation

    • March 1: Last date to apply for August graduation

  • FAQs
    1. What does it mean to "apply for graduation?" 

      Applying for graduation means your student record will be reviewed to ensure you've completed all degree requirements. Until you identify your graduation term and formally apply with the Division of Liberal Arts academic advisor, we do not know when you expect to finish all coursework. Once you apply, you will be included on lists for graduation auditing, commencement invitations, and celebration events. Work with your advisor to plan your coursework and identify which semester is realistic based on your course load and the course offerings available.

    2. I need to take summer classes, can I still participate in commencement in May?

      Yes! You can be an August graduate and still participate in commencement. IUPUC campus holds its commencement ceremony in May. It includes students who graduated in December of the preceding year and those who are expected to graduate in May/August of the current year. Commencement is a wonderful event and we encourage you to participate but remember participation in commencement is NOT the same thing as graduating. Graduation is a formal review process that ensures you meet all degree requirements for IUPUC, the Division of Liberal Arts, and your major.

    3. How do I know if I graduated? 

      If you met with your advisor frequently and attended to any missing requirements outlined in your degree audit e-mail, all should be well. The best way to confirm whether you will graduate, however, is to view your unofficial transcript in your OneStart Student Center. Degrees are awarded within six weeks of the end of your final semester (Note: Summer counts as one semester so if you finished courses during Summer Session 1 you will not see your degree posted until September). Checking your university e-mail is CRITICAL during the review process. If there are issues with your student record, we will communicate them to you via e-mail to your university account. Verify your phone number is correct in your Student Center as we may need to contact you by phone.

    4. When can I get my diploma? 

      Diplomas are ordered after your degree is conferred. It takes about six weeks to confer your degree and there is an additional time period for diploma to be printed and delivered to the registrar. We estimate diplomas will arrive mid-semester of the term after you graduate. If you’re a May graduate, expect your diploma to be available sometime in August. If you’re a December graduate, expect your diploma to be available sometime in March. Watch your university e-mail account for a notice when your diploma is available for you to pick up. In the interim, you can purchase an official academic transcript from the Office of Registrar Services if you need proof of graduation for employment or to apply to a graduate program.