Biographical Statement

Thank you for coming to my page. I practice and study multi-modal writing and writing across the curriculum as theorized with cultural studies approaches. Recently, I have expanded my work in the area of international writing instruction. I apply and study how digital media enhances student engagement and learning across borders. My teacher research—both qualitative and quantitative—explores learning outcomes associated with the use of social networking, SKYPE, blogs, videos, portfolios, and creative writing. Students in my classes learn and apply new skills and perspectives for academic, personal, and workplace growth. Feel free to review my work as listed on my curriculum vitae.


  • B.A. from Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, English Literature
  • B.A. Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, Anthropology
  • M.A. Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, Writing
  • Ph.D. University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, Composition and Rhetoric

Professional Activities

  • Policy Analyst, National Council Teachers of English in Indiana Higher Education (2013-16)
  • Manuscript reviewer, Business Communication Quarterly
  • Manuscript reviewer, Composition Studies
  • Judge, National Council of Teachers of English Best Annual 1) Article, 2) Book, and 3) Collection in Scientific and Technical Writing
  • Executive Board Member, Research Network Forum at CCCC
  • Chairperson, Association for Business Communication to the MLA Convention Committee
  • Member, Association for Business Communication (ABC)
  • Member, National Conference of Teachers of English (NCTE)
  • Member, Conference on College Composition & Communication (CCCC)
  • Member, Modern Language Association (MLA)
  • Member, International Society for Writing Research
  • Member, Association of Teachers of Technical Writing ATTW & ATTW-L
  • Member, Writing Program Administrators (WPA-L)
  • Member, Modern Greek Studies Association

Courses Taught

  • E398 English Internship
  • E450 English Capstone
  • W411 Directed Writing
  • W400 Issues in the Teaching of Writing
  • W398 Writing Center Internship
  • W350 Advanced Expository Writing
  • W403 Advanced Poetry Writing
  • W303 Poetry Writing
  • W301 Fiction Writing
  • W401 Advanced Fiction Writing
  • W302 Screenwriting
  • W208 Introduction to Poetry
  • W206 Introduction to Creative Writing
  • W203 Introduction to Drama
  • W231 Professional Writing with Service Learning
  • W132 Elementary Composition 2
  • W131 Elementary Composition 1
  • W130 Principles of Composition
  • TCM 360 Technical Communication
  • L433 Conversations with Shakespeare
  • L431 Topics in Literary Study
  • L220 Introduction to Shakespeare
  • L115 Literature for Today

Administrative & Service Responsibilities

  • IUPUC English Program Director 2013-Present
  • Interim Division Head, IUPUC Division Head of Liberal Arts (July 2012-June 2013)
  • Chairperson, IUPUI Program and Review Assessment Committee (PRAC)
  • Member, Faculty Colloquium on Excellence in Teaching (FACET)
  • Member, IUPUI sub-committee on Retention and Graduation/RISE
  • Member, IUPUC Division of Liberal Arts Advisory Committee to Ivy Tech Community College
  • Member, IUPUC General Education Committee
  • Member, IUPUC  Assessment Committee
  • Member, Search and Screen Committees
  • Member, IUPUC Third Year Review Committee

Awards & Activities

  • IUPUI Prestigious External Award Recongnition (PEAR) 2014
  • IUPUC Outstanding Teacher Award 2014
  • Research Network Forum award for Research and Service at Conference on College Composition and Communication 2010
  • IU Faculty Colloquium on Excellence in Teaching (FACET) 2010
  • IUPUI Prestigious External Award Recognition (PEAR) 2008
  • IUPUC Outstanding Research Faculty Award 2008
  • Best New Collection in Technical and Scientific Writing by National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) for co-edited collection Critical Power Tools: Technical Communication and Cultural Studies. Blake Scott, Bernadette Longo, and Katherine V. Wills (Eds.). NY: SUNY: 2007
  • IUPUC Outstanding Fulltime Faculty Award 2006


Edited Collections

  • Wills, K.V. & Rice, R.  (Eds.) (2013). ePortfolio Performance Support Systems: Constructing, Presenting, and Assessing Portfolios in Public Workplaces. Parlor Press/WAC Clearinghouse.
  • Scott, B., B. Longo, & K. V. Wills (Eds). (2006). Critical Power Tools: Technical Communication and Cultural Studies. Albany: SUNY. Edited Collection
  • Bousquet, M., & K. Wills (Eds). (2004). Politics of Information: Electronic Mediation of Social Change.   Alt-X/EBR Critical E-Books Series inaugural edition.<>.
  • Will, K.V. (Ed). (1999). Reflections of Courage: Letters and Poetry to Dr. Martin Luther King from Students of IPS 44. Little Voice and Chapbooks.Com Indianapolis, IN.

Articles and Chapters (*peer-reviewed)

  • Warchal, L.R., Ruiz., A.I., Lin, P. L., Drnach, M., Wills, K., & N. Marthakis. (2013) "Reflections on connections in service learning" Lin, P. L. (Ed). Fourth International Symposium on Service-Learning: Connecting the Global to the Local at Ningbo Technological University. Ningbo, China. Univ. of Indianapolis UP, Indianapolis.
  • Wills, K.V. (2011). “I Just Felt Kinda Invisible”: Accommodations for Learning Disabled Students in the Composition Classroom.” Autism and Aspergerger’s Syndrome in the Classroom.” Ed. V. Gerstle and L. Walsh. Marquette UP. 35-44.
  • Killian, L. & K. V. Tsiopos-Wills. (20110. “The Service-Learning Economic Benefits: A Case Study of the Alternative Spring Break (ASB) Model.” Service Learning In Higher Education: National and International Connections. (Ed) P. L. Lin. U of Indianapolis P. 237-48.
  • Wills, K.V. (2010) “Still Paying Attention Ten Years Later: A Bakhtinian Reading of the National Information Infrastructure Initiative Administrative Agenda.” Computers and Composition Online.
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Poetry Publications & Chapbooks

  • Tsiopos, Katerina. (2011). Our Slow Migration North. Finishing Line Press. Georgetown, KY.
  • Tsiopos, Katerina. “Indiana SCUBA”   And Know this Place. Ed. J. Kander. Indiana Historical Society Indianapolis, IN. (2012).
  • Tsiopos, Katerina. “Blessing of the Bikes: Bean Blossom Boogie”   And Know this Place. Ed. J. Kander. Indiana Historical Society Indianapolis, IN (2012)
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  • Tsiopos, Katerina. "Exploratory Surgery." Y-Bird: 1, #2, Berkeley, CA (Spring 1979). 128.

Civic Engagement

  • I conduct poetry workshops and read my original poetry locally and nationally
  • IUPUC representative to the Indiana Humanities Council
  • IUPUC liaison to Indiana University Center for Design

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