Talking Leaves

Talking Leaves

Talking Leaves is IUPUC’s student literary magazine. Originally titled Literalines, the name was changed to Talking Leaves in 2005. The story goes that American settlers carried maps, letters, and other documents that caught the attention of Native Americans. The papers rustled like leaves and the Native Americans realized the power of written documents that “talk.”

The magazine’s purpose is to empower student voices and encourage self-expression; as such, works receive only minimal copyediting to preserve the uniqueness of each contributor’s voice. All content, except the faculty/staff highlight section, is original student work. Each stage of the magazine’s production is managed by students: call for submission, judging and selection of works, layout and design, copyediting, and print production. IUPUC students submit works under a blind review process and student editors base their acceptance of works based on the quality of each submission.

Submitting Content

If you want to submit content, such as photography, sketches or drawings, poems, fictional short stories, nonfiction writings, and other creative works, please:

Complete the submission form

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Lisa Siefker Bailey at 812.348.7297 or