IU MBA Columbus

Want to learn more about what an MBA from IU offers?

You can reach out directly to Jeanine Scheidler, Director of Enrollment for IU MBA Columbus, or follow the link below.

MBA Program Information

  • Earn an IU MBA degree in 21 months. A part-time program, students complete 7.5 credit hours per semester for a total of five semesters.
  • Enhanced affordability. Fewer credit hours equates to a reduction in tuition.  Average tuition per semester is $3,800 for Indiana residents.

  • Innovation and flexibility are a hallmark of IU MBA Columbus. Courses will be hybrid in which some traditional face-to-face seat time has been replaced by online learning activities. The purpose of a hybrid MBA program is to take advantage of the best features of both face-to-face and online learning.

  • MBA program content is modernized to include current business topics such as supply chain management, data analytics and professional branding.
  • Students can now choose an area to deepen specific content understanding. MBA students choose a Student Choice course set in any two courses from: accounting, finance, health services, strategic management, marketing, or supply chain management.

  • Throughout the history of IU MBA Columbus, we have emphasized professional development. We will continue this tradition, with newly designed courses relevant to today’s business environment. New components include:

(1) social events emphasizing the development and maintenance of long-term professional relationships.

(2) a new course in Personal Branding encouraging MBA students to think of every interaction with others as an opportunity for awareness, value building, and leaving a positive impact at every turn.

(3) Mentorship Academy, whereby each second-year MBA student will be challenged to lead, mentor, and help develop the professionalism of undergraduate business students.  In this manner, our MBA students will be developing within themselves the ability to lead others, which is considered a keystone of what it means to be an MBA, particularly from Indiana University.