Flexible Courses

You can complete your degree at a pace that fits your needs, in as few as six semesters or as long as four years. Full-time students typically complete 60 credit hours in six semesters. Part-time students follow a similar sequence at a slower pace.

Courses meet year round, including summer semesters and employ instructional methods appropriate for the subject matter (e.g., in-person interactive, on-line and hybrid) with about one-third of courses on-line. Most courses meet after 3 p.m. to make other life obligations easier to handle. Our faculty strive to improve instruction based upon current findings on best practice and student feedback.

In addition to course work, the program includes 1,000 hours of field experience over four semesters:

  • 100-hour practicum
  • Two 300-hour internships
  • 300-hour advanced internship

All students take a qualifying exam prior to graduation that provides feedback on their strengths and areas of needed improvement.

Fall semester application deadlines are: early decision December 1; final application March 1.

"Licensure patch" option

Do you already hold a graduate degree in counseling, but need to take additional courses to apply for Indiana licensure? Contact us—we may be able to help.

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