IUPUC Office for Women Mission, Visions, & Goals

IUPUC Office for Women Mission and Visions

The IUPUC Office for Women fosters, promotes, advocates, and establishes gender equity, women's empowerment, and advancemenf of women. To achieve this mission, we have developed five visions for the office:

  • Educate to create awareness and understanding on issues important to women
  • Increase engagement through community partnerships
  • Create opportunities for women to take leadership and develop new skills
  • Create and foster a safe environment on campus and in the community
  • Contribute to the IUPUC Strategic Plan and add value to IUPUC

Goals of the Office for Women

  • To engage in collaborative activities that promote general well-being at home and work for women
  • To research and establish new collaborative partnerships and programming opportunities, while enhancing the number and quality of offerings
  • To provide information and resources which assist in making women's professional and personal lives easier
  • To design and implement programming and resources that benefit women at IUPUC and its communities
  • To facilitate, foster, promote, and advocate for women's empowerment and success
  • To nurture a culture of advancing women in leadership
  • To increase opportunities and resources for women and other underrepresented people as identified by needs assessments