Biographical Statement

When I was a graduate student in the 1990s I was researching a couple of different topics: enumerating lattice points in polytopes and also the structure of the Groebner bases of certain ideals generated by generic polynomials. Tools from convex geometry, algebraic geometry, and combinatorics were used. Currently I am working towards a PhD at IUPUI and am now interested in problems from algebraic number theory.

Courses Taught

  • Math M001 Introductory Algebra
  • Math 001 Introduction to Algebra
  • Math 110 Fundamentals of Algebra
  • Math 111 Algebra
  • Math M118 Finite Mathematics
  • Math M119 Brief Survey of Calculus I
  • Math 153 Algebra and Trigonometry I
  • Math 154 Algebra and Trigonometry II
  • Math 159 PreCalculus
  • Math 221 Technical Calculus I
  • Math 222 Technical Calculus II

Administrative & Service Responsibilities

  • IUPUC Faculty Oncourse Mentor
  • Chair of ITAC (Information Technology Advisory Committee) 
  • Member of the Faculty Affairs Committee.

Research Activities

I am interested in using the web (in particular the original tests and surveys feature in Oncourse) as a means of giving homework to students. I use the data from the online homeworks to tell me which types of problems to go over in lecture.

Awards & Activities

Recipient of full-tuition Honor Scholarship to Wabash College, 1985