Social Media Guidelines

Get social

Thinking about getting on social media? Read this overview first, then view the full policy online.

A social media network can be a great way to communicate with various audiences in real time, but a lot of effort and strategy goes into maintaining that network. Before starting a social media channel, ask yourself the following questions:


  1. Who is your audience? (Students, faculty/staff, donors, etc.)
  2. What do you hope to accomplish with this account?
    1. Objectives should be S.M.A.R.T.
      • Specific
      • Measurable
      • Attainable
      • Relevant
      • Time-bound
    2. For example: To increase organic reach across social platforms by 10% by the end of the academic year.
  3. Do you have plans to add additional social media accounts in the future?


  1. What kind of content will you post? (photos, links, videos, etc.)
  2. Who will be responsible for posting?
    1. Will someone be available to respond quickly to questions or accusations? This includes during off-hours.
    2. If representing an official department, college, etc., don't rely solely on students to be your admins; make sure at least one (ideally, two) staff/faculty member has access to the account.
  3. How often will you post? You'll want to update any social media account you have on a regular basis; once every month or two won't cut it.


Before setting up an account, please make sure you conform to IU brand standards.

Below is a cheat sheet of social media image dimensions (in pixels):

Cover photo: 851x315
Profile photo: 180x180
Link image: 1200x627
Shared image: 1200x900

Profile photo: 110x110
Square image in feed: 510x510
Landscape image in feed: 600x450
Portrait image in feed: 1080x1350

Linked In
Profile background image: 1000x425 to 4000x4000
Profile photo: 400x400
Company logo: 100x60
Company banner image: 646x220
Company career cover photo: 974x300

Cover photo: 1500x500
Profile photo: 400x400
Shared image: 506x506

Additional Policies

IT/Cyber security policies
Student conduct
Employee conduct
Confidentiality of student, medical and personal information
Academic handbook
Political and lobbying regulations
Copyright 101
IU licensing and trademark policy
IU social media policy (unabridged)

Prohibited Content

The social media policy applies to professional activity that is part of official IU communication.

The following content and online activity is strictly prohibited on IUPUC-affiliated social media accounts: lewd or indecent conduct, threat of physical harm, stalking, forgery, intentional disruption of university activities, advocating or causing the damage of university property, illegal discrimination, harassment (including sexual harassment), use of official campus accounts for personal monetary gain, or any intentionally malicious, defamatory, degrading or hateful material. This does not include frank discussions, criticisms or opinion. Please review the unabridged IU social media policy for further details.

Violation of this policy can lead to the removal of said post, social media account and/or disciplinary action.


The marketing team is here to help offer advice as you set up your social media account(s). Join the IUPUC social media family: Let us know about your account and, in return, receive free advice from our team, and don’t forget to view the unabridged IU social media policy.

To alert us to any posts you might want to be publicized on official IUPUC (@IUPUC) accounts, please tag us, as we’ll receive pings on our phones anytime "@IUPUC" is mentioned. Not sure if an account already exists for your division, department, or group? A listing of existing accounts registered with IUPUC is available online.