University College

University College

University College, or UCOL, is your gateway to your degree. Our team is dedicated to supporting you in making a successful transition to IUPUC beginning at orientation and continuing through your entry into your undergraduate degree program.

Academic Advising

University College is home to IUPUC's academic advisors for all divisions. Your academic advisor will work with you to choose courses and degree programs that best fit your personal interests and goals. They are knowledgable about the undergraduate and graduate degrees you can complete at IUPUC, as well as those you can begin in Columbus and finish at IUPUI or another campus.

At IUPUC, you are an active participant in developing an academic plan that will enable you to achieve your short- and long-term academic and career goals. Your academic advisor will assist you in developing an appropriate plan of study and course schedule. They will also advise you about degree requirements, policies, and procedures.

IUPUC University College promotes a collaborative relationship between students, staff and faculty where students are empowered to be active participants in reaching their short and long-term academic goals.

New Student Orientation

About orientation

The University College team hosts many new student orientation programs each year. Our goal is for you to start strong at IUPUC, feeling comfortable with campus and confident in your connection to the many resources available to you here. 

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Orientation Leaders

Current students who want to help new students transition successfully to their college careers at IUPUC are invited to apply for an orientation leader position. IUPUC Orientation Leaders do the important work of welcoming our first-year and transfer students and answering their questions from a student's perspective.

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First-year seminar

What is a first-year seminar?

If you are a first-year student or are transferring with fewer than 12 credit hours, your first-year seminar is a course that will introduce you to college and provide you with a supportive environment through your first semester at IUPUC.

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Peer Mentors

If you are enrolled in a first-year seminar course, you'll be paired with a Peer Mentor who will help guide you through your first semester, answer your questions, and connect you with resources on campus.

If you are a current sophomore, junior, or senior at IUPUC and you want to help new students succeed, you are encouraged to apply for a Peer Mentor position.

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Academic standing and progress

UCOL academic advisors monitor your academic progress. When you are admitted to University College, you must maintain a 2.0 cumulative minimum grade point average (GPA) to be in good academic standing. For details, review these academic policies. If you are on academic probation, UCOL advisors can help you develop a plan leading to satisfactory standing.

Academic calendar

The academic calendar is an important tool. It lists the dates when you can register for classes in One.IU, the first day of classes, the times you can adjust your schedule by dropping or adding classes, campus holidays and breaks, final exams, and more.