You are at the center of our 45-credit MBA curriculum. We designed modular, integrated experiences to help you learn business management in a way that mirrors how real business management is conducted in a global context. As a student, you will have a terrific set of experiences including:

  • Participation in the Business Strategy Game™ competition that garnered IUPUC seven world champions out of 10 graduating cohorts
  • A global perspective fundamental to all your management thinking and discussions
  • Applied projects involving local and international business firms and organizations  and hands-on business management, analysis, and decision-making
  • Smartly designed activities to develop your professional presence and outlook
  • Special attention to professional development, including communication skills, one-on-one coaching from business professors

Consisting of 7.5 credit hours each, these six modules totaling 45 credit hours establish the major management themes relevant to the modern business enterprise.

Enterprise Structures

The basic structure of the business enterprise is molded by its legal, economic, and technology environments and by the ways in which it measures and controls prices and costs.

Strategy, Alignment and Change

Effective management begins when leaders of departments, divisions, and firms adopt a strategic view of their organizations.

Global Perspectives and Human Resources

Effective managers in successful business enterprises are ones that understand how to manage a diverse workforce in a global setting.

Innovation and Application

Increasingly, problem solving in business management is about a manager’s ability (and willingness) to imaginatively frame questions and consider multiple perspectives.

Analysis and Decision Making

The essential knowledge and skills in financial, marketing and operations management make most sense when learned as interrelated functions—as a portfolio of tools the general manager can apply to analyzing and solving business problems.

Managing and Leading

This capstone experience is designed so you can demonstrate how well have developed and can apply general management tools and thinking.

Make Business Connections

In the classroom doesn't mean out of touch. Your studies will include opportunities to see  how general management functions in our region and across the state. Students completing the module on innovation and application recently learned how Cummins is continuously improving its innovation process and culture.