Honors Program Curriculum

As a student in the Honors Program, you can earn honors credit by completing coursework specially designed for honors students or by enhancing your regularly scheduled courses for honors program credit.

You will work with an approved faculty member to develop an honors contract for all honors-level courses you choose to take. The contract might include, but is not limited to, examples of work like:

  • An independent project that employing research methods taught in the course
  • A paper whose references are the primary sources addressed in a course text
  • Presenting your independent project or research results to your class or another campus group
  • Designing and completing a special project, performance, or product

Work completed as part of your honors contract is not a substitute for your required coursework. Rather, you will complete honors assignments and work outlined in the contract in ADDITION to required coursework.

For honors credit, you must earn a grade B (3.0) or higher for both the class and honors work.

Note to Faculty Mentors

Approved Honors Program faculty mentors are responsible for determining the criteria by which student honors work will be evaluated. Faculty mentors and academic divisions at IUPUC are not required to accept honors applications. Some divisions may establish specific guidelines for students completing honors-level work within that division. If such policies are developed, a copy should be provided to Sara Williamson, advisor of the Honors Program.