Policies & Procedures

Each division has its own policies, procedures, and schedules regarding reinstatement. These two divisions have petitions for reinstatement.

If you are a student in one of these divisions, please contact them directly for information.



If you have been dismissed from IUPUC or another IU campus, you may petition for reinstatement.

Your opportunity for reinstatement is enhanced by correcting incomplete grades, undertaking an unbiased assessment of your academic challenges, participating in career workshops or other programs, and providing evidence of your ability to do successful academic work upon your reinstatement to IUPUC.

The likelihood of your reinstatement to IUPUC will also be enhanced by the length of time you have been away from the university, successful academic coursework completed at other accredited institutions, military service, and other evidence of your ability to successfully complete a degree program upon reinstatement.

Please be aware that:

  • Reinstatement petitions  must be submitted by the published deadline for each division.
  • Reinstatement is not automatic and is not offered for summer semesters.
  • Reinstatement after a second dismissal is rare and requires your participation in an interview with the Reinstatement Committee.

For information about reinstatement, please contact the Office of Registrar Services.