Campus Campaign

Thank you to all who supported the IUPUC Campus Campaign last year! Because of you, we raised over $20,000 for IUPUC students and programs.

2021 is a new year and a new opportunity to help because needs persist across our campus.

Each year IUPUC faculty, staff and retirees come together to show their generosity and commitment to the campus by supporting programs and students through the Campus Pride Campaign. And we need your help again this year.

Together, we can continue to educate the leaders of tomorrow and change lives. We can help students who are experiencing unforeseen financial difficulties; support students who need a little help through scholarships; enhance programs and the educational experience for students; and help IUPUC fund where the need is greatest. 

It takes all of us, working together, to succeed.

Critical Need.

We continue to receive requests from students for emergency assistance. Recently, we received such a request from a student who is 12 months away from graduating with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. He and his wife recently had a child and just a couple of weeks ago he was laid off from his full-time job due to low program funding.

As all our students do, he has worked hard over many years and invested time and resources to reach his educational and career goals. And now, through no fault of his own, this student and his family are struggling to pay bills, let alone tuition. He knows this degree will soon afford him a well-paying, secure job. And this reality is only a short 12 months away.

Can you help him and students like him?

Donate Now!

Scholarships. Programs. Research. Vital staff resources.

When you give to the IUPUC Campus Campaign, you can choose to support the cause you care about most.

Your gifts could support:

  • Facility Renovations
  • Student Awards
  • Scholarships
  • Vice Chancellor’s Choice: Campus Fund

No matter what fund you choose to support, you can make a difference.

Give Online

Now, more than ever, your support will inspire our students to keep going. We know their success is critical to the success of our region. And your support is vital

For all who believe in the power and promise of IUPUC

IUPUC has created a case statement outlining our campus funding priorities for Indiana University’s historic bicentennial campaign.

Explore the case for IUPUC

Vice Chancellor & Dean Choice for 2021: CAMPUS FUND

The IUPUC Campus Fund gives us financial flexibility to address unique and unanticipated opportunities and provides funds to assist with unexpected campus needs. The fund makes a continuous impact on IUPUC students and the campus in both big and small ways. By giving to the Campus Fund, you are supporting things that simply make IUPUC a great place to learn and work!
- Dr. Reinhold Hill
Vice Chancellor and Dean