Franz Excellence in Teaching

Past Recipients

  • 2015: Tim Orr
  • 2014: Leigh Britt
  • 2013: Joe Kinderman
  • 2012: Benjamin Drury
  • 2011: Brooke Tuttle
  • 2010: Jennifer Horn
  • 2009: Stephanie Scifres
  • 2008: Jim Byrd
  • 2007: Rob Aspy
  • 2006: Art Farnsley
  • 2005: Bradley Howard
  • 2004: Leigh Britt
  • 2003: Daniel Nyman
  • 2002: Nancy McGill
  • 2001: Peggy Kleine
  • 2000: Brian King
  • 1999: Karen McPherson
  • 1998: Howard Wills
  • 1997: Bill Barton
  • 1996: Donna Brooks
  • 1995: Joyce Lucke
  • 1994: Jeanette Hostetler
  • 1993: Robert Stilwell
  • 1992: Lisa Conner
  • 1991: Petra Shepard
  • 1990: Brook Tuttle
  • 1989: Mary Weinland
  • 1988: David Litton
  • 1987: Susan Blizard
  • 1986: Gloria Hamilton
  • 1985: Richard Thompson
  • 1984: Marilyn Tanger
  • 1983: Jack Young
  • 1982: Mary Pearl
  • 1981: Cal Martin
  • 1980: Helen Nugent
  • 1979: Bob Plumm

This annual award recognizes and encourages excellence in teaching by adjunct faculty members at IUPUC who inspire and assist students to reach their academic potential.

The award is named in honor of Jacqueline D. Franz, who exhibited excellence in teaching and promoted it in those whose lives she touched at IUPUC. In her work as coordinator of adjunct faculty, Franz encouraged high academic standards in the classroom, and supported teachers in their efforts to maintain them.

2016 Recipient

The 2016 recipient of the Jacqueline D. Franz Outstanding Part-Time Faculty Teaching Award is John Shepherd.


All part-time IUPUC faculty members who satisfy the following criteria are eligible for the award:

  • Teaching graduate or undergraduate courses for credit
  • Taught at least three credit hours in the present academic year
  • Taught at least three credit hours in the previous academic year
  • Taught at least one course at IUPUC in each of the last two academic years
  • The nominee must not have received the same award during the past three years


The chair of the Faculty Awards Committee requests nominations at the beginning of the spring semester.

  • Any faculty, staff, student, or administrator may nominate a part-time faculty member for this award by submitting a completed nominations form to the chair of the Faculty Awards Committee.
  • Nominees may also self-nominate using the same form.
  • The nomination must describe the accomplishments of the nominee that qualify him or her for the Franz award.
  • Nominators should be sure to include specific reasons or examples in describing an individual’s qualifications for the award.
  • Completed nomination forms should be sent to the chair of the Faculty Awards Committee by email or in writing.
  • Nomination forms will be due on the closest business day to January 30 of each year.

Selection Criteria

Nominees should:

  • Show evidence of outstanding teaching ability including, but not limited to, classroom activities, presentations, and discussions
  • Be knowledgeable about the subject matter
  • Have the ability to assist students with learning difficult material while maintaining an appropriately challenging academic environment
  • Demonstrate professionalism and integrity
  • Be willing to assist students above and beyond the requirements
  • Inspire students to learn
  • Show evidence of student satisfaction through high global scores


  • Nominations from Primary Peer Committees are due to the associate dean for academic affairs four weeks after the Faculty Annual Review (FAR) due date.
  • Nominations from the Faculty Awards Committee are due in the vice chancellor’s office on the deadline posted annually by vice chancellor and dean.