Outstanding Teaching

Past Recipients

  • 2015: Lisa Siefker Bailey
  • 2014: Katherine Wills
  • 2013: Jennifer Conner-Zachocki
  • 2012: Allison Howland
  • 2011: Larita J. Killian
  • 2010: Crystal Walcott
  • 2009: Bill Haeberle
  • 2008: Aija Pocock
  • 2007: Eugenia Badger

IUPUC values excellence in the classroom and acknowledges one outstanding full-time faculty educator each year.

2016 Recipient

The 2016 recipient of the Outstanding Full-Time Faculty Teaching Award is Jennifer Conner-Zachocki.


All full-time IUPUC faculty members who satisfy the following criteria are eligible for this award:

  • Currently teaching at least six credit hours
  • Taught at least six credit hours in the previous semester
  • Has taught at least four consecutive semesters at IUPUC


  • Nominations from Primary Peer Committees are due to the associate dean for academic affairs four weeks after the Faculty Annual Review (FAR) due date.
  • Nominations from the Faculty Awards Committee are due in the vice chancellor’s office on the deadline posted annually by vice chancellor and dean.

Examples of Outstanding Teaching

  • History of successful student interaction through mentoring, civic engagement, or service learning
  • Works co-published with IUPUC students
  • Publication of articles or books about teaching
  • Awards contributing to teaching from a regional, national, or professional association
  • Grants, internal or external, related to teaching
  • Teaching-related presentations at professional conferences
  • Scholarship of teaching and learning presentations at professional conferences, within the university, or in the community
  • Leadership role in support of excellence in teaching
  • Student course evaluation scores