Research Scholarship Creativity

Past Recipients

  • 2016: Luke Jacobus
  • 2015: Ryan Neville-Shepard
  • 2014: Luke Jacobus
  • 2013: Julie Goodspeed-Chadwick
  • 2012: Crystal Walcott
  • 2011: Julie Goodspeed-Chadwick
  • 2010: Allison Howland
  • 2009: Jung Kook Lee
  • 2008: Katherine Wills

IUPUC faculty further research and make artistic contributions in their respective fields. We acknowledge their achievements with this annual award.

2017 Recipient

The 2017 recipient of the Outstanding Full-Time Faculty Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Award is Mark Jaime.

Eligibility & Due Dates

All full-time faculty with two consecutive years of teaching at IUPUC prior to the current academic year are eligible for the award.

  • Nominations from Primary Peer Committees are due to the associate dean for academic affairs four weeks after the Faculty Annual Review (FAR) due date.
  • Nominations from the Faculty Awards Committee are due in the vice chancellor’s office on the deadline posted annually by vice chancellor and dean.

Examples of Research, Scholarship & Creative Activity

  • Publication of scholarly or creative book with a reputable press
  • Publication of article(s) for an edited collection with a reputable press
  • Researched entries in reference book(s) with a reputable press
  • Publication of original software or multimedia with a reputable publisher
  • Publication of article(s) in refereed journals
  • Citations of the faculty member’s work by other researchers and scholars
  • Presentation or publication of creative work
  • Invited presentations, invited reviews
  • Refereeing or editing of a journal or press
  • Research presentations at national and regional professional conferences
  • Organizing research sessions at professional conferences
  • National, international, or regional award for an article or book
  • Research grants, internal or external
  • Keynote or plenary addresses regarding research
  • Co-publishing research with IUPUC students