Past Recipients

  • 2015: Anna Carmon
  • 2014: Ryan Neville-Shepard
  • 2013: Anna Carmon
  • 2012: Kathy Compton
  • 2011: Kate Baird
  • 2010: Douglas Gardner
  • 2009: James Clack
  • 2008: Emily Dill
  • 2007: Kate Baird

IUPUC acknowledges the dedication of our faculty in serving the institution with this annual award.

2016 Recipient

The 2016 recipient of the Outstanding Full-Time Faculty Service Award is Julie Goodspeed-Chadwick.


All full-time faculty with two consecutive years of teaching at the IUPUC campus prior to the current academic year, including those with combined teaching and administrative duties, are eligible for the award.


  • Nominations from Primary Peer Committees are due to the associate dean for academic affairs four weeks after the Faculty Annual Review (FAR) due date.
  • Nominations from the Faculty Awards Committee are due in the vice chancellor’s office on the deadline posted annually by the vice chancellor and dean.

Examples of Outstanding Faculty Service

  • Holding elected office in national professional organizations
  • Contributions to campus service workshops, discussion groups, and/or initiatives and civic engagement activities
  • Leadership positions within organizations in the community such as but not limited to educational boards, arts boards, chamber of commerce committees, or political offices
  • Participation with campus retention, convocation, and other programs that resulted in documented significant outcomes
  • Regular and excellent mentoring of students or faculty committee work
  • Refereeing or editing of a journal or press
  • Significant contributions over time to student organizations