Staff Awards

  • C. W. Coons Distinguished Service Award

    The C.W. Coons Distinguished Service Award is given annually to a faculty or staff recipient who has gone above-and-beyond the call of duty to provide outstanding service to the university and community.


    When nominating an individual for this award, please note that nomination forms may be signed by more than one individual.

    • All IUPUC faculty and staff are eligible.
    • Length of service is a very important consideration.
    • The nomination deadline is in February each year.
    • Selection of the recipient must be made from nominations submitted on or before the nomination deadline.

    2017 Recipient:


    Previous Recipients:

    • 2016: Crystal Walcott
    • 2015: Vicki Kruse
    • 2014: Debra Winikates
    • 2013: Karla Hass
    • 2012: Kristen Needler Hosmer
    • 2011: Carol Kostrzewsky
    • 2010: Michele Fields
    • 2009: Roberta Shaw
    • 2008: Lisa Reuter
    • 2007: Geneva Foster and Lymon Gregory
    • 2006: Denny Wilhelm
    • 2005: Rob Zinkan
    • 2004: Gary Felsten, Ph.D.
    • 2003: Fred Campbell
    • 2002: Stanley Sunderwirth, Ph.D.
    • 2001: Jan McDonald
    • 2000: Cheryl Harman
    • 1999: Georgia Petro
    • 1998: Anji McKinney
    • 1997: Vickie Welsh-Huston
    • 1996: Ginger Louder
    • 1995: Susie Blizard
    • 1994: Ann Hedrick
    • 1993: Lynn Sullivan
    • 1992: Mary Murray
    • 1991: Karen Chisham and Dee Herrmann
    • 1990: Janet Feldmann
    • 1989: Jacquie Franz
    • 1988: Jo Davis
    • 1987: Coke Coons
  • Staff Council Service Award

    Each year, the Staff Council acknowledges a full-time or part-time staff member for his or her attitude, loyalty, teamwork, and contribution to the mission, goals, and strategic initiatives of IUPUC.


    The recipient of the IUPUC Service Award is selected on the basis of his or her attitude, acts of loyalty, teamwork, and contribution to the mission, goals, and strategic initiatives of IUPUC. The award is given during the Spring Awards Ceremony.

    • Attitude
      Personal and professional interaction with co-workers, faculty, students, and visitors, and responsibility shown toward the daily routines of the individual’s position.
    • Loyalty
      Commitment to increase the overall department or unit performance
    • Teamwork
      Working well with others to reach a common goal or complete a project
    • Contribution
      Personal and professional acts that aid the university in fulfilling its mission, goals, and initiatives


    • The individual nominated must be a full-time or part-time IUPUC/PST staff member (not including a student employee).
    • Any member of the IUPUC/PST community (i.e., faculty, staff, or student) may make a nomination.
    • The nomination deadline is the end of the second week of February. The winner’s name is given to the vice chancellor on the first working day of March.

    2017 Recipient:


    Previous Recipients:

    • 2016: Becky Stephens
    • 2015: Geneva Foster
    • 2014: Robbie Shaw
    • 2013: Vickie Welsh-Huston
    • 2012: Lindsay Jones
    • 2011: Jeanette Barker
    • 2010: Karla Hass
    • 2009: Susan Adler
    • 2008: Michele Fields
    • 2007: Laura Lee Wetzel
    • 2006: Valorie Moorman
    • 2005: Kenn Amberger
    • 2004: Jackie Lane